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Cricket vs Baseball – 9 Major Differences!

Cricket vs baseball is a comparison that has been drawn out among international sports enthusiasts for centuries. Although some similarities exist between cricket and baseball, there are more recognisable differences between the sports.  Some of

What Is the Follow-on In Cricket

The follow-on in cricket is a commonly used term by players, commentators, and fans. For a playing team, avoiding the follow-on allows them to be competitive in a match. If the follow-on is enforced by

How to Hit Big Sixes in Cricket

Is there any better sight in cricket than watching a ball come cleanly off the bat, soar through the sky and clear the boundary rope for a stunning six runs? It’s a moment in a

What Is DRS in Cricket?

DRS (Decision Review System) in cricket supports the on-field umpires to make an informed decision. This is achieved through technology, including slow-motion replays, infra-red, ball tracking and microphones. Originally, reviews could only come from on-field