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The Best Batting Pads: The 2022 Guide

By CricketersChoice Editors

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Batting pads are an essential piece of equipment for any cricketer. It only takes one session in the nets to quickly understand why the laws of the game require batsman to wear leg guards at the crease. Cricket pads protect the legs from any nasty blows and allows a batsman to truly focus on the game in hand. It’s therefore important for a cricketer to carefully select their pads of choice, as ill-fitting, low-quality options may not give the desired levels of protection. 

The Lowdown

  • Best Cricket Batting Pads: Gunn & Moore Original LE Batting Pads (click to see)
    With cutting-edge XRD extreme impact protection, pro PU facing and comfort foam implemented throughout, the classy looking Original LE has all the features to protect the very best cricketers in all formats of the game.
  • Best Value For Money: Newbery Cricket N-Series Batting Pads (click to see)
    “New for 2021, the N-Series range is taking the cricketing world by storm. Targeting the cricketer on a budget, these batting pads are ultra-lightweight, have a modern design and high-density foams to offer excellent protection for the recreational player.”


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Best Batting Pads - Editor's Choice

Gunn & Moore Original LE Batting Pads


  • Pro PU Facing
  • Low Density Foam
  • XRD Knee Locator

Our favourite batting pads for the 2021 season are the Gunn & Moore Original LE batting pads. This is the top level pad in the GM range, which is issued to their international cricket stars such as Ben Stokes. To ensure the pads are suitable for their top performing sponsored athletes, these fantastic looking pads have plenty of features to ensure maximum protection against the fastest deliveries. 

As expected, the name of the game with this pad is protection. This starts with the full peaked cane front. Peaked cane offers the best levels of protection because it deflects the ball away from the leg as it absorbs the shock, which gives the pad more time to slow the ball down. 

The front also features a multi piece pin tucked knee, combined of a 3 bars across the top plus slits in the side which allows the pad to have a full range of motion to wrap around the leg. A full peaked cane top hat backed by high density foam finished the top of the pad. Its safe to say the outer has a very impressive protective structure. 

The features don’t stop there – on the inside the first thing you will notice is the eye-catching knee protector. Expensive impact protection foams lines the knee protector which absorbs any shock. A PU cup is also placed behind the knee socket which locks the knee in place and adds an additional layer of protection.

Three cleverly spaced thick straps sit on the back of the pad. There is no need to worry about the straps becoming tangled or causing irritation to the legs, as soft premium material is used. Very efficient velcro is applied to each strap to ensure the pad stays in place when sprinting between the stumps. 

Excellent bolsters line each side of the bad which are supported by a really nice PU. These bolsters offer excellent comfort and allow the leg to fit nicely into the pad. A really nice PU instep finishes the pad which is really padded and looks very easy to clean. 

Of course it is not all about protection, batting pads need to be lightweight as well. As expected the pads pass in this department as well. These pads were not the lightest we tested, but they definitely did not add any additional drag at the crease.

You would have to look really really hard to find any pads which are better than this offering from GM. We could not recommend these enough for players looking for the best protection from pace bowling. 

Best Value For Money Batting Pads

Newbery N-Series Batting Pads


  • Ultra-lightweight Dynamic Fit System pa
  • Modern design with a classy look
  • 9 bar PU facing pad for extra protection
  • Improved wrap around sides to fit to the legs
  • High density/low rebound foam

We think fantastic value for money lies with the Newbery N-Series Batting Pads. Newbery have developed the N-Series range specifically for the recreational weekend cricketer, so if your budget is tight, these batting pads are definitely an option you should consider. 

Focusing on the face, a 9 bar structure protects the front of the leg. The structure is slightly spiked, which means the pads will deflect the balls effectively while absorbing the ball. This ensures the pads will offer excellent protection for the faster deliveries you may occasionally face during Sunday league games. A 3 piece knee roll and top hat combine to provide the required levels of protection for the recreational game. 

The inside of the pads are fitted with high density low rebound foam. This makes the pads extremely comfortable and ensures that additional shock from impacts are absorbed excellently. Each pad wraps around the sides of the legs to ensure the legs are covered from every possible angle. 

High-quality straps finish the back of the pads which ensure the pads stay glued to the legs when running for the quick single. We also have to comment on the classy design Newbery have given the N-Series pads. 

To summarise, these pads have all the features required to protect cricketers who aren’t too serious about their game. If you simply play to add that little bit of fun to your week, these cricket pads will protect you from the speeds of bowling you will face. These pads are fantastic quality that will last an endless number of seasons. If you play at a higher standard, we recommend you opt for a more premium option.

Best Batting Pads If Money Was No Object

Gray-Nicolls Legend Batting Pads


  • Light HD foam bolsters reinforced with Cane rods
  • Gel-zone knee with Poly-armour
  • Full length HD Foam wing
  • Vapour foam instep

Arguably the most premium batting pads available to buy come from the Gray-Nicolls Legend range. If you have a fair amount of money to spend on cricket equipment, these pads are certainly a pair to consider. It doesn’t really get any better than this.

The main face of the pads are made from a classic rounded cane construction. 8 pieces combine to create a solid construction that protects the front of the leg. A slightly harder 6 piece cane top hat covers the knee. Designed with a slight pre-curve, the top hat moulds easily around leg – a feature which doesn’t usually occur on cheaper pads. This creates incredible levels of comfort, especially when running.

The reinforced knee roll sticks out slightly further from the rest of the pad. This maximises protection from any unfortunate blows to the knee. Combining the face, knee roll and top hat, the Legend has nothing but incredible protection from the outside of the pad. 

Gray-Nicolls were the first company to introduce a gel-zone cup on the inner to protect the knee. The zone essentially locks the knee in place, making the pads incredibly comfortable whilst absorbing shocks from fast deliveries. A foam shin bolster wraps around the leg, while vapour foam and poly-armour combined on the interior again to add comfort and protect the shins further.

The velcro straps are extremely thick and very evenly spaced. Straps can often get intertwined, however this won’t be any issue with the Legend. The instep is coated with premium leather, making the pads hard wearing an easy to clean.

These pads are by no means the lightest pad available to purchase, however this is expected due to the cane style design. They are however still very light and will by no means slow down the running speed of a batsman. We also have to comment on the classy minimalistic design, a timeless look that will compliment pretty much any other style of cricket equipment.

The Legends do come with a hefty price tag but we think they are worth every penny. They’ve got style, good design features and protection that is comfortable – we can’t really find a fault with these batting pads. They truly live up to their name and we don’t think you will be disappointed with your investment.

Most Lightweight Batting Pads

adidas Batting Pads Incurza 1.0


  • High-density foam outer panels
  • Lightweight construction 
  •  High and low density combined foam

The lightest batting pads we have tested for the 2021 season are the Adidas Incurza 1.0 batting pads. Worn by England internationals Jofra Archer and Sam Curran, these stunning pads will protect you from the fastest deliveries.

On the face, traditional style pointy cane protects the legs. In total, 7 pieces combine to create a solid structure that covers the shins. A combination of a 3 piece knee roll and 6 piece top hat cover the knee and lower thigh to provided fantastic levels of protection. The top hat is of a slightly smaller design, however this only helps the pads wrap around the leg easily. 

Switching to the inner, the first thing you will notice is the three thick straps. Even though the straps aren’t towelled, they are padded enough to ensure periods of long play won’t result in any friction burns. Below the straps sits a genuine leather instep, which comes across as extremely durable and easy to clean. 

A knee locator sits at the top of the pad to lock the knee in place. It’s not officially a gel-zone but it certainly feels very similar. The knee cover protecting the knee is nothing short of solid. A combination of high and low density foam cushions the rest of the leg. 

The pads are of an overall lightweight construction. When testing these pads, we have to say that we barely noticed we had them on as they are that light and comfortable. 

We’re a huge fan of the colour way used for the Incurza range. The silver and solar red tones look fantastic. If you already own the Adidas Incurza bat, these pads will accompany them fantastically. 

 No matter what pace youre facing, you will be absolutely fine with these pads. We’re a big fan of all Adidas softs. Perhaps not for everyone due to the price, however these come in slightly cheaper than other pads sitting at the top of the range.

Best Junior Batting Pads



  • Diffuser foam and cane rod bolster
  • Poly-armour knee
  • 3/4 diffuser foam wing
  • Diffuser foam instep

If you’ve read our other articles about junior cricketing equipment, you will already know that we’re a huge fan of the Gray-Nicolls Powerbow range. It’s from this excellent range that our top pick for junior batting pads is taken from. The Powerbow Inferno 500 batting pads are a premium batting pad that will protect any junior from the ball. 

A 7 cane rod bolster protects the front of the leg, effectively deflecting balls. A 3 piece knee roll and 7 piece top hat finish the protection on the front. The pads wrap around the leg providing a comfortable fit. 

On the inner, a poly-armour knee ensures that the pad stays firmly in place whilst still maintaining excellent protection. Diffuser foam covers the rest of the the inner ensuring any impact is absorbed.