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The Best Cricket Bags: The 2021 Guide

We reviewed a vast array of cricket bags and concluded that the Gray-Nicolls Test Wheelie Bag is the best cricket bag.

By CricketersChoice Editors

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Every cricketer requires a robust cricket bag for storing and transporting their cricket equipment. If your current bag has seen better days or you simply don’t know what bag is best for you, to narrow the field, we’ve picked out and reviewed some of our favourites. There is currently a wide-range of cricket bags available on the market. We have considered 24 cricket bags and picked out 7 that are easy to transport, durable and capable of storing all of your cricket equipment.

The Lowdown

  • Best All-Round Cricket Bag: Kookaburra Pro Wheelie Bag (click to see)
    “This attractively styled bag is the ultimate cricketing holdall. With the ability to hold multiple pads, helmets and bats, easily manoeuvre your way from car to the nets with this fantastic cricket bag.
  • Best Value For Money: Gunn & Moore 606  (click to see)
    “The GM 606 cricket bag offers excellent value for money for any cricketer with minimal kit. This easy to carry bag is suitable for any recreational player learning the game.”


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Best Cricket Bag
Best Budget Cricket Bag
Best Cricket Duffle Bag
Kookaburra Pro Wheelie
Gunn & Moore 606 Wheelie Bag
Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle Bag
KOOKABURRA Unisex's Pro Players Cricket Wheelie Bag, Black/Lime, One Size
606 Wheelie Bag
Gray-Nicolls LEGEND DUFFLE - NEW FOR 2019/20
Our Rating: 94/100
Our Rating: 68/100
Our Rating: 90/100
Perfect for any all-rounder serious about their cricket
Great for any junior or adult cricketer learning the game
The best duffle bag on the market with features unique to this bag only
Best Cricket Bag
Kookaburra Pro Wheelie
KOOKABURRA Unisex's Pro Players Cricket Wheelie Bag, Black/Lime, One Size
Our Rating: 94/100
Perfect for any all-rounder serious about their cricket
Best Budget Cricket Bag
Gunn & Moore 606 Wheelie Bag
606 Wheelie Bag
Our Rating: 68/100
Great for any junior or adult cricketer learning the game
Best Cricket Duffle Bag
Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle Bag
Gray-Nicolls LEGEND DUFFLE - NEW FOR 2019/20
Our Rating: 90/100
The best duffle bag on the market with features unique to this bag only

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Table of Contents

Best Cricket Bag - Editor's Choice

Kookaburra Pro Players Wheelie Bag


  • Double Decker Storage Capacity
  • Integral External Lateral Padded Bat Pockets
  • ‘Footwearlock’ – separate compartment
  • Premium Extendable Pull Handle
  • Heavy Duty Wheels

The biggest bag in the Kookaburra range is our top choice for the 2021 cricket season. 

Sheer size is our primary reason. If there is a bag with a bigger capacity than this, we are yet to hear about it.

The bag is essentially a rectangular shaped box, designed with the goal to allow any cricketer to fit as much equipment in it as possible.

With measurements of 1000 x 440 x 460mm and the capability to store up to 203 litres, cricketers with multiple sets of kit will struggle to fill it. 

The huge size doesn’t exactly make it easy to store at home, but the bag does have the ability to stand up – making it easy to manoeuvre in small dressing rooms. 

Kookaburra have styled this bag in their classic green and black colour way.  There is no colour way choice like other bags in the Kookaburra range. 

Premium coated 600d and ribbed 500d is the material used to make the bag. It has an extremely durable, long-lasting feel. The material is waterproof, which is excellent for those cold dewy mornings. 

The bag is extremely functional, as there are multiple ways to carry the bag. There are smaller straps – two at the top of the bag and two small handles at the side of the bag. 

A suitcase-style handle, which can be stored away, is a much more appropriate way to transport the bag from A to B. This is a unique feature that we don’t see on many other bags. 

Two heavy-duty wheels sit at the bottom of the bag. There is the argument that a bag of this size should have three wheels, however we think that this isn’t required due the fantastic handle. 

Focusing on storage, the bag has a double decker design. Opening the bag reveals a huge main section. A netted section on the side of the lid is great for easy access for items such as wallets or balls. 

In the main section, there are dividers which can be added or removed. This is perfect for creating a section specifically for your helmet or clothes. 

A separate shoe pocket is designed to keep your spikes away from damaging your other equipment. 

Two side pockets can be used to store away your batting pads or clothing. The pockets aren’t that big so certain types of batting pads may not fit. 

The bag has two different bat sections with the ability to store away 2 batting pockets. The pockets are well padded to protect your bat and hidden away from the rest of the equipment. 

To summarise this is a cricket bag that has all the features a cricketer could possibly need. It’s easy to transport and has the ability to store multiple sets of equipment. Sitting right at the top end of the market, the bag is an investment, but it will last you for a number of seasons. 


Best Budget Cricket Bag



  • Engineered Wheel Housing System
  • 600 Denier Polyester Fabric
  • Internal Pouch
  • Moulded Rubber Handle
  • Carry Strap
  • Size: 96 x 40 x 40cms

If you find yourself on a tight budget, the newly revamped Gunn and Moore 606 Wheelie Bag is an option for you to consider.  Unlike our other picks, which are aimed at already established cricketers, this stripped back model does the basics really well by comfortably allowing the storage of a full cricket set.  Currently available for under £50, we think this is a great entry-level option for a player without mounds of kit.

The key feature here is the bags storage capacity. The bag holds up to 92 litres which is a great space to fit an adults full cricket kit. Note that if you are a wicket keeper, this bag is not big enough to carry a keeping kit as well. Transporting the bag is very easy. Gunn and Moore have a reputation for producing bags with high-quality wheels and this product is no different. We faced no issues transporting this bag over any kind of terrain.

If you currently have more than 1 bat, this bag is not a great option for you. There is only space to transport and store 1 bat properly. It is also worth noting that there is no separate compartment to store a helmet or cricket spikes.

The bag has recently been redesigned for 2020. It is now available in a black and white design that really makes a statement. We think this is a great colour which will not show any mud or grass stains. It’s worth noting that the decor is printed on, so after a few years of use it’s highly likely that this could potentially wear. 

We recommend you purchase this bag if you are new to the game or find yourself on a really tight budget. If you are a more advanced player, we advise that look at a slightly bigger option that will allow room for more additional kit. 

Best Wheelie Duffle Cricket Bag

Adidas Incurza 2.0 Wheelie Duffle Bag


  • Versatile design
  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • External footwear compartment
  • Three internal padded bat pockets
  • Padded back support
  • Size: 94 x 42 x 38cms

Many manufacturers are now starting to design and produce wheelie-duffle bags to carry your cricket equipment.  The wheelie-duffle which stuck out to us, was the Adidas Incurza 2.0.

On the outside of the bag lies an independent pocket on each side, designed specifically for pad storage. This really allows the user to maximise space within the main section. In addition to this, there is a separate helmet pocket at the front of the bag and a reinforced shoe pocket at the bottom. We particularly liked how the reinforced material will prevent any spikes potentially piercing and damaging the bags lining. At the top of the bag is an easy-access individual pocket to store your valuables safely.

Full mesh padding lines the back of the bag, making the bag very comfortable to carry. The bag transforms into a wheelie bag by simply unclipping the straps and folding them away. It is fitted with a padded handle which makes the bag easy to drag from A to B. In addition to this, the bag does stand up, which is great as not every wheelie-duffle currently does. 

The main section is opened by a high-quality branded Adidas zip. Opening the zip reveals a large main compartment that can comfortably fit batting pads and a full wicket-keeping kit. Towards the back of the bat, lies the separate batting section where there is room for 3 bats. This is great if you have a collection of bats in your arsenal.

Overall, we found this wheelie-duffle to be in a league of its own. Other wheelie-duffle bags seem to be more expensive and fits less kit than our Adidas choice. If you’re not a fan of the colour-way, then the XT 2.0 is pretty much the same bag but available in blue and white.

Best Cricket Bag With Wheels

Newbery Legacy Cricket Wheelie Bag


  • Two fully enclosed bat sleeves
  • Two unique compartments 
  • One large and two small outside pockets
  • Helmet/boot pocket
  • Three wheels for extra stability
  • End pocket cooler
  • Size: 96 x 42 x 38cms

If it comes down to specification alone, then the Newbery sticks out from the rest of the wheelie bag competition. The bag has everything a cricketer could possibly need, in addition to some unique features which other bags don’t have.

The stand out feature for us, was the fact that this bag is fitted with 3 wheels. Only a very small amount of bags have this feature and this is one of them. We found that 3 heavy duty wheels made transporting the bag a breeze. The addition of a suitcase style handle only makes manoeuvrability easier. We see absolutely no issues when this bag is faced with heavy ground.

Regarding the size of the bag, the bags 155 litre volume ensures that there is is plenty of room to store cricket kit multiple times over. The main compartment is joined to a separate pocket, which can be used to store a helmet or your cricket shoes. 

A unique feature that we loved was the end pocket of the bag. The pocket is specifically designed as a cooling pocket, where drinks and food can be stored. This is ideal for long test matches or those 50 over games where lunch is taken in between both innings. It’s also perfect for storing snacks to boost energy during practice.

Our only issue with this bag is the number of sleeves to store your bat. This bag allows you to comfortably store 2 bats. Other competitor bags allow the storage of 3. This is definitely something to consider if you have a large bat collection.

This bag sits right at the top end of the market for price. If we’re being honest we believe for £40-50 cheaper, you will probably get more value for money with our editors choice option. Despite this, you could argue that the unique features makes this bag a contender for best on the market.

Best Duffle Cricket Bag

Newbery Legacy Cricket Wheelie Bag


  • Large main compartment
  • Separate compartments for shoes, helmet and accessories
  • Bat compartment with room for three bats
  • Lined valuables pockets
  • Size: 100cm x 40cm x 38cm

The Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle Cricket Bag is in our opinion, the best cricket duffle bag on the market because it has everything a cricketer could possibly need and more. New for 2020, this bag has some stand out features which really distances itself from the other duffle bags.

One of the primary reasons why we have picked this bag over its competitors is because it does the basics well. The bag has a separate compartment for both your helmet and your shoes, which will prevent the unnecessary scuffing of other kit. The main compartment is large and has enough space to comfortably fit batting pads and wicket-keeping equipment. 

On the outer, the bag has numerous pockets, all of which allow room for additional storage. In particular, the front pocket has an inner-mesh lining which is perfect for the storage of cricket balls. 

The bag has a variety of cleverly thought-out features which really makes life easier for the user. A unique feature which stood out to us, was the two valuables pockets attached to each side of the bag – one of which extends and becomes easily accessible when the bag is on your back. This is especially convenient if you want to quickly access your phone or wallet without having to put the bag down.

Towards the back of the bag lies an independent cricket bat section. Accessed from the top of the bag,  there is room for 3 bats – all of which have their own section. The bats are safely stowed away, further protected by the thick padding lining the rear. Attached to the back of the bag you will find adjustable padded straps, which make carrying the bag to and from the field a seamless task.

The bag boasts the classic Gray-Nicolls branding we are all so familiar with. We really like the eye-catching red and black colour way, along with the embroidered logo which oozes nothing but class.

Overall the Gray-Nicolls Legend Duffle Bag is a fantastic bag for any cricketer. The only very minor issue we had with this bag, was the side pockets. They are very slim and you cannot fit batting pads in there like other bags. Despite this, this bag is fantastic value and has everything you could possibly need in a duffle cricket bag

Best Cricket Bag For Juniors



  • Padded straps and comfortable handle
  • Large main storage section
  • External bat pocket 
  • Size: 75 x 32 x 32cm

By keeping it simple, Gray-Nicolls bring another fantastic take on the ever so popular duffle bag to the table, however this time it is designed for juniors.

We found this bag to be a great size for a junior, with a very reasonable main storage section big enough to fit a full kit. We found junior pads, helmets and shoes all fit comfortably within the main compartment. Externally, there is one pocket for a bat which offers protection when travelling too and from the changing room.

Support is key on any bag designed for a youngster. We found the shoulder straps to have a reasonable amount of padding which is enough to reduce the strain on a youngsters shoulders and back.

In addition to this, Gray-Nicolls have produced the bag in two colour ways. If the eye-catching green and silver isn’t to your taste, then a slightly less loud blue and grey option is available. Overall, this back-to-basics design has every feature a junior cricketer needs.

Best Cricket Bag For Wicket-Keepers



  • Large main compartment
  • Split design with hard base
  • Padded handle
  • Internal footwear/helmet compartment
  • Internal bat compartment
  • Size: 90 x 40 x 40cm

If you’re a wicket-keeper that hoards a particularly large amount of kit, the Adidas XT 1.0 Wheelie Bag is great option for you.

The first thing to note about this bag is the size. The bag is effectively one main compartment which is capable of storing multiple sets of cricketing kit. To give you an idea, we were able to store 3 sets of pads in the main compartment and there was still room for additional kit. 

It’s worth noting that the main compartment isn’t the most organised, however where it lacks in organisation it certainly makes up for in space. The main compartment is however lined with 8 additional mesh pockets, which can be used for storing valuables, clothes and balls. On the top of the bag is another pocket which is perfect for kit you need to access quickly.

Structurally the bag is not designed to be a stand up bag, however when we packed the bag full we did manage to stand the bag up. We found that when it was full, the bag almost resembled a coffin style. The bag is fitted with 2 heavy-duty wheels which appear to be bigger than other options available on the market. Our only issue here is that the bag does not come with a suit case handle. However we still think that the thick handle is more than capable of enough to pull the bag without too much effort. 

Another thing to note with this bag is that there is no separate bat section. You will have to store your bat with the rest of your kit. We don’t see this as a huge issue, however you will need a bat cover to ensure your precious willow does not get scratched by the rest of your kit. There is however an end compartment which can be used to store your helmet or cricket spikes. 

Overall the bag looks great and feels very well-made. The key takeaway from this bag is the sheer volume of the main compartment. If you are a wicket keeper and you have a large amount of kit, this is definitely an option to consider. For the price, you will be getting huge bag which we consider excellent value for money. 

Gray-Nicolls Test Wheelie Cricket Bag


  • Stand up or lay flat design 
  • Three bat capacity bat pocket
  • Deluxe wheel system
  • Split bag design
  • Size: 96 x 40 x 40cms

For the majority of cricketers who find themselves in the nets regularly, the Gray-Nicolls Test Wheelie Bag is in our opinion, the best choice for transporting and storing cricket gear.

It’s a robust, attractively styled and well-organised bag, which is available for a very reasonable price. It holds a full set of cricket pads, a full set of wicket-keeping kit and still has plenty of space for any additional items you need to pack. We think that this makes it ideal for any cricketer.

The bags exterior is made up of two layers – a bottom layer and a top layer. The bottom layer is made of a hard material, which combined with strong support rods creates a solid shell-like structure.

The top layer is made of a softer material and has a lot more flexibility. Two pockets sit on the exterior of the top layer; one ventilated mesh pocket which is great for any dirty kit and one additional pocket for stowing away your cricket spikes or helmet. There is also two large side pockets, one of which contains a fleeced section for protecting any valuables. 

The bag opens up like a book, into two very large sections. The section located under the lid is a very generous size, big enough to store a full cricket kit alone. The main section is even bigger – large enough to store any batting or wicket keeping kit that you require. At the top of the main section is a small compartment, which we think is perfect to store your helmet away from the rest of your kit.

You will find an independent section to store your bats when you stand the bag up. The bag allows storage for 3 cricket bats. We found that the area was protected fantastically by the strong base and the excellent padding surrounding the batting area.

Regarding manoeuvrability, you will find that the bag is fitted with only two wheels. Other brands are starting to offer 3 wheels, however we found no issues with just the two. The bag transported well across various surfaces. Other reviewers have also pointed out that the handle could be better considering the size of the bag. We agree with this comment, however again we had no issues using the handle to transport a fully packed bag. 

Overall, this bag has everything a cricketer could possibly need. There is plenty of space to store multiple sets of kit and it will last you for years due to the extremely high-quality materials Gray-Nicolls have used to create this bag.

Cricket Bag Buyers Guide

If you are new to the sport of cricket, or you aren’t quite sure about what attributes you should look out for in new gear, then you may benefit from some of the points listed in our buyers guide. We’ve put together a quick guide which highlights some things you need to consider when purchasing a cricket bag, just to make sure you are spending your hard-earned cash on the perfect item for you.


There are currently a variety of cricket bag styles which are available to purchase. The terms used to call these products aren’t typically common, so if you are new to the sport it could get confusing. The different styles of cricket bags are as follows:

  • Wheelie Cricket Bag –  You have probably guessed this already, but a wheelie cricket bag is typically a large bag fitted with two or three wheels. Users manoeuvre the bag by dragging it via a handle from A to B. This style is the classic cricket bag design which has been common throughout the history of the game.
  • Duffle Cricket Bag – A duffle cricket bag is a large bag which is fitted with shoulder straps rather than wheels. This means that the bag is carried on a users back, rather than being dragged along the ground. The duffle bag style is continuing to rise in popularity, as more players are trading in their wheelie bags for duffles.
  • Wheelie Duffle – New to the market in the last 2-3 years, manufacturers are now producing ‘Wheelie Duffle’ bags. These bags have a combination of both wheels and shoulder straps, so the user can transport to bag in which ever way he/she chooses. We predict that the Wheelie Duffle will soon take over as the most popular style in the cricketing world.


As you already know, the cricket bag you require entirely depends on your personal needs. Here is a list of things you potentially need to consider when purchasing a cricket bag:

  •  Amount Of Equipment –  How much cricket equipment do you have? If you have multiple bats in your collection, you will require a bag that allows storage of up to 2 or 3 bats.
  • Playing Position – Are you wicket-keeper? If so you need an additional set of wicket-keeping pads, gloves and inners that you need to store. If so, you need a big bag to store this additional equipment along side your batting gear.
  • Valuables – Do you need somewhere to store your valuables? Having a heavy wallet or loose phone can often make playing, slightly less comfortable.
  • Storage – How big is your space at home or in the changing rooms to store you bag? If it is small, you may want to consider a bag that stands up.