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The Best Cricket Bats: The 2022 Guide

We reviewed the best cricket bats for the 2021 season. Our top pick is the Gunn & Moore Diamond Original LE Cricket Bat.

By CricketersChoice Editors

Many cricket experts insist that the most important thing in any successful innings is the underlying skill of a batsman rather than the bat itself. Now we tend to agree, however a great cricket bat can play a significant part in any performance. 

A cricket bat alone will not transform you into Virat Kohli or Steve Smith overnight, but it can certainly help you execute each shot with more power and precision. We therefore think it is essential for any cricketer to seriously think about and invest in a high-quality cricket bat.

When it comes to cricket bats, we appreciate there are a range of different styles and levels of quality designed to suit a variety of needs. To help you figure out which bat is best for you, we have picked out bats which offer the most value at different price ranges.  We have considered 40 cricket bats and picked out 6 that we think are the best cricket bats for smashing leather cricket balls.

The Lowdown

  • Best Cricket Bat: GM Diamond Original LE Cricket Bat (click to see)
    The go-to cricket bat for arguably the best all-rounder in the world Ben Stokes. This beautiful cricket bat is made from the finest English willow and has a slightly longer blade to ensure the maximum amount of willow gets behind each shot. 
  • Best Budget Cricket Bat: Newbery N-Series (click to see)
    “Possibly one of the best budget cricket bats ever released, the Newbery N-Series has an array of incredible features all for under £100. If you find yourself on a budget or perhaps you’re a seasoned tailender, then look no further – we think we have found the perfect cricket bat for you.”


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Best Cricket Bat - Editor's Choice



  • Grade 1 English willow
  • Weight – 2lb11
  • Swell Depth – 65mm
  • Edge Depth – 39mm
  • GM Terrain Grip

Our favourite cricket bat for 2021 is the Gunn & Moore Diamond Original LE Cricket Bat. Sitting right at the top end of the market, this bat is crafted with the best materials for elite players who want to emulate those heroic Ben Stokes performances in the Cricket World Cup and Ashes series.

Carrying on the with the same theme as all GM LE bats, this bat is created from the finest Grade 1 English Willow. The willow feels sightly soft but extremely high-quality. Regarding grain structure, we counted up to 14 blemish-free grains across the face. We found the willow to be less dense than other bats.  This quality makes it one of the best English Willow cricket bats on the market in our opinion.

GM’s unique DXM manufacturing is used in the making of this cricket bat. This ensures that each bat is inch perfect with the agreed size and shape, to Ben Stokes exact tastes, who GM collaborated with to create this beautiful bat.

Focusing on the specification, the length of the blade measures 555 millimetres. Traditionally the best bats measure around 545 millimetres, however Ben Stokes prefers a slightly longer length. Therefore, if you aren’t too sure about using a bat with a shorter blade and longer handle, this may be a great option for you.

In addition to the length, the bat has 39 millimetre edges and a 65 millimetre spine. The higher spine and thicker edges ensure that there is a lot of willow behind each shot. The spine curves nicely into the toe, creating a duck bill like finish. The specifications are typically bigger on this bat, potentially appealing to the big hitters out there.

Regarding weight, each bat will weigh between 2lbs10 and 2lbs11. This could be considered slightly on the heavy side, but we think it is perfect for a strong heavier set player. The weight can be used like Ben Stokes to smash fours and sixes with ease. We think this is the best bat for big hitters.

Fitted with an oval handle, the bat is perfect for any top handed players. The handle is fitted with the signature GM terrain grip which GM apply to all of their elite bats. This grip creates fantastic friction between the batting glove and the bat.

Another important aspect to note is the pick-up. If you are not familiar, the pick-up is defined as the way in which the weight is distributed through the bat when held. This impacts the control and power a bat will offer. GM have created a pick-up index ranging from; 1 being light offering control and 5 allowing a batsman to maximise power. GM have ranked these bats as a 3, creating the perfect balance between control and power.

Other great features to note are the scuff protector and the condition in which the bat arrives. The face and sides of the bat are fitted with a scuff protector, offering an additional layer of protection to the bat. The bat also goes through the ‘GM Now!’ factory process, which essentially implies each bat is match ready. We do however recommend further knocking-in the bat, before use.

We think the bat looks fantastic with a light blue handle and black GM decal stickers. GM have opted for some unique colours in their other ranges but this colour way looks really classy and will look great with your other kit. 

This really is a top of the range cricket bat – you will not find many better than this on today’s market. GM have used their expert craftsmanship to create a fantastic product that we recommend for elite players. This is a true investment for anybody serious about their batting game.

We appreciate this bat is extremely expensive. If you find it is slightly out of your price range but still appreciate the aesthetics of this bat, you will be pleased to know there are different variations available. The Diamond 909 and the Diamond Signature are two cheaper variations that we would recommend. The main difference to point out here is the quality of the willow used in the bat. 

Best Budget Cricket Bat



  • Grade 4 English willow
  • Full Spine
  • Low Sweet Spot
  • Toe Guard
  • 11 colours

Possibly one of the best budget cricket bats ever released, the Newbery N-Series has an array of incredible features all for under £100. If you find yourself on a budget or perhaps you’re a seasoned tailender, then look no further – we think we have found the perfect cricket bat for you. 

There’s a few standout features we want to point out when it comes to the N-Series. The first is the bats profile. Budget cricket bats aren’t usually associated with a big profile, but the N-Series is an exception to this rule. The bat has huge 42mm edges, a 64mm spine and a 35mm toe, which combined can be described as nothing else but chunky. A huge amount of willow will support every shot you play. 

The back of the blade has a fairly small amount of concaving, which helps to reduce the weight of that all important pick-up. In the hand, the bat weighs around the 2lbs9 mark which is not the heaviest bat by any means. The bat is supported by an extremely oval handle, which is perfect for those aggressive shots – minimising any chance of the bat turning in the hand. 

Grade 4 willow is used to make the N-Series, which is very rare for cheaper cricket bats. The willow has around a 5 to 6 clean grain structure. We found that each grain is very straight, which emphasises the quality of the materials used to make this bat. Performance wise, the ball responds well off the bottom and middle part of the bat. No shocks from impacts are felt through the hands. 

Newbery have also done all the necessary bat care due dilligence for you by fitting edge tape and a scuff sheet to the face. A honeycomb toe guard is also fitted to protect the toe from sustaining any damage. 

If you aren’t a fan of the black colour way we’ve displayed above, we have good news on that front also. The N-Series is available in 11 colour ways! Certain colour ways are limited to certain retailers, however we’ve found that Amazon stock them all. We’ve never seen this before with any other bat in the industry. It’s great to see Newbery think about this when designing their cricket bats. 

There’s no other way to put it – this is the best budget cricket bat we have ever seen. To summarise, the fantastic profile, quality of materials and choice of colour ways, all for under £100 make this the best value for money cricket bat on the market. If you’re a beginner, tailender or find yourself on a limited budget, this is the bat for you. 

Best Junior Cricket Bat



  • Grade 2 English willow
  • Weight – 2lb-2lb06oz
  • Sizes – 5/Harrow
  • Anti-scuff finish

The legendary Gray-Nicolls Powerbow range is back again for yet another season in 2021. In the Powerbow range, we think an excellent choice for any established junior cricketer is the Inferno 5* cricket bat. This bat is one of the highest quality available and puts power into the hands of any junior. 

Standing out from the crowd, the eye-catching yellow colour way is extremely popular with younger cricketers. This year, the Inferno has striking red and yellow flame-like decals which taper down towards the toe of the bat. The bat is finished with a yellow grip which only adds to the statement this bat makes. This bat will be a hit with any youngster on looks alone.

We’re a firm believer that any junior batsman should be looking to play off the front-foot, especially when younger age groups play shorter formats of the game. The Inferno 5* is built to support this. Typically Powerbow, the bat has a low middle which allows for juniors to play with aggression.

Despite the big specification, the Inferno 5* has a very light pick-up. If you are worried about the weight for a junior, Gray-Nicolls have developed a 5* Lite. This bat comes with all the aggresive characteristics of the Powerbow range but a feathered toe, which allows for the pick-up to be extremely light. Weighing between 2-2lbs6, this is a fantastic option for any smaller junior.

Interested in the best junior cricket bats? We’ve picked out and reviewed a range of cricket bats available for juniors for the 2021 season. Our picks feature bats suitable for a variety of ages and prices, perfect for the development of younger players. Check out our picks here. 

Best Cricket Bat Under £250



  • Grade 2 English willow
  • Weight – 2lbs9
  • L540 millimetre blade
  • Anti-scuff sheet
  • Toe guard

We think the eye-catching Gunn & Moore Siren 808 is an excellent bat currently available for under £250. The Siren range, new for 2020 is proving to be very popular among cricketers of all standards. Retailers are selling out of the Siren model fast, so we advise that you grab it while you can if you’re interested.

GM’s 808 model is cleverly crafted from unbleached Grade 2 willow. Using GM’s master crafting techniques, they have developed a unique blade profile for the range. The blade is designed for aggressive players with a low middle which is fantastic for slow pitches and front foot batting. The blade has minimal concaving and sits between a duck bill and full spine style. 

The blade is an L540 blade, which implies that it is slightly shorter than a longer handle.  The blade is 15 millimetres  shorter and the handle is 15 millimetres longer. The blade is arguably the most bowed bat in the GM range, again creating a perfect bat for an attacking batsman. 

Weighing around 2lbs7 to 2lbs9, the pick-up is extremely light. The shorter blade of course reduces the pick-up. This is great for creating fast bat speeds and momentum. If you aren’t a fan of the shorter blade, this may not be the bat for you. 

The handles are of a medium thickness that oval off towards the bottom of the bat. The handle is coated in the GM signature ‘Hex’ grip which was initially developed for the  2020 season. The Hex grip provides a fantastic feel when the holding a cricket bat. 

When testing this bat, we found that it had an excellent response off the mallet. We’re confident that hitting the ball off the middle of the bat will result in a boundary (if you find the space). Although the bat will arrive pre-knocked in, we do recommend additional treatment just to be sure of no damage during the first few outtings. 

Finished with an anti-scuff sheet and toe guard, we think this bat is excellent for any club cricketer that is looking for a high-quality bat that will last a number of seasons. You will not be disappointed by this offering from GM. 

Best Cricket Bat Under £200



  • Grade 3 English Willow
  • Weight – 2lbs8.5
  • Edges – 35mm
  • Spine – 62-65mm
  • Handle counterbalance

A great option sitting under the £200 mark is the Kookaburra Kahuna Lite. Designed as a specialist bat for the T20 format, this bat will allow a batsman to generate greater bat speed and momentum when playing shots. 

So how does this bat allow for greater momentum? Well, the bat is designed to be very  lightweight. Kookaburra have achieved this by giving this bat a shorter blade and longer handle, which differs from the other bats in the Kahuna range. This feature creates a lightweight profile for the bat.

In addition to this, the handle is fitted with a ‘Pro-Lite’ counterbalance. This distributes the weight evenly throughout, which results in an extremely light pick-up. At a maximum, the bat will weigh 2lbs8.5 which is the ideal weight to allow a batsman to generate bat speed.

In previous years this bat has been created with Grade 4 English willow. Kookaburra have gone one better this year and used Grade 3 English willow in the making of this bat. It is worth noting that this willow is unbleached, so you may find the odd mark. There won’t be any marks or blemishes that will affect the performance of the bat. The performance of the mallet was very good – we found the willow to be fairly soft. 

Other things to note are the 35 millimetre edges and 62-65 millimetre  spine. As expected, the edges are slightly thinner than the other bats in the Kahuna range. The bat is fitted with a Kookaburra ‘Vertex’ grip which allows the batsman to play shots with comfort. As mentioned previously, the soft willow will require 2-3 hours of knocking-in to ensure maximum performance out on the wicket. 

If you’re a regular T20 club player, this is a fantastic option to consider. We also think this is a great option for any youngsters purchasing their first adult. You may just want a lighter bat to add to your already impressive collection. What we can say is that for under £200, you will struggle to find better value this season. 

Best Cricket Bat Under £100



  • Grade 3 English willow 
  • Weight – 2lb9-3lbs
  • Edges – 40mm
  • Spine – 66mm
  • Toe guard

When it comes to cricket bats, usually £100 does not go along way. The real value for money starts at around the £130 to £150 mark. We think we may have found an exception to this rule with the CA Plus 3000 Cricket Bat.

Having recently set-up operations in the UK for their European operations, retailers are offering this bat for just £99.99. We think this bat is a great option for any entry-level cricketer or for those who need a cheap back-up bat. 

The bat is expertly crafted from English willow. We counted up to 5 clean grains running through the blade, all of which appeared to be sapwood. We were surprised at the quality of the willow itself, which had very minimal marking or blemishing. The blade feels soft and very responsive when hit with the mallet. 

The blade has a mid-middle, which is excellent for all round stroke play off the front and back foot. On the back there is a full spine running through to the toe, with minimal concaving. This ensures there is plenty of wood behind every shot played. The density for this price is extremely rare. 

The specification on this bat is huge with 40millimetre edges and a 66 millimetre spine. The big specification results in a fairly weighty bat, weighing 2lbs10. Our only issue with this bat is the pick-up. The bat definitely feels 2lbs10 when fully set up ready to play a shot. This of course can affect bat speed.

Our only issue with this bat is the stickers. We think the stickers are loud and take up too much space on the blade. Don’t let the stickers distract you from the underlying value this bat offers. They can be removed after purchase, if you aren’t keen like us.

Remember, getting a high-quality bat for under £100 is rare. This could be a unique opportunity to get a real bargain while these are still available.  It’s definitely worth noting that this bat will require additional knocking-in to ensure peak performance. 



  • Grade 5 English willow
  • Weight – 2lbs9
  • Face Guard
  • Toe Guard
  • Adidas Grip
If you don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a cricket bat, then the Adidas Incurza 5.0 Cricket Bat is definitely an option to consider. Maybe you’re not playing cricket regularly, find yourself further down the batting order or you need a back-up bat to use during net sessions – we think your money will go a long way with the features this bat offers.
Firstly, we have to comment on how good this bat looks. The main colour used is a solar red which is finished with embossed white and silver details. The sticker takes up a nice portion of the face and blade but leaves a good amount of wood exposed. In our opinion, this is one of the most attractive bats for the 2021 season.
This bat is a classic case of willow mis-grading by Adidas, which is why we think the bat offers so much value at it’s current price. The 5.0 implies Grade 5 willow is used in the making of this bat but after inspection, we think the willow could easily pass as Grade 3 or Grade 2 at a push. For your money, you get a beautiful 7 grain sapwood structure with only a few slight blemishes, which is incredible value for the price.
The revised Incurza blade now has a rounded spine rather than a full spine. This implies that the bat has a rounded toe rather than a duck-bill toe. Regarding the middle, it sits slightly higher than the other Adidas style – the XT. We think this is great for aggressive front-foot and back-foot play. The rounded spine ensures there is lots of wood behind any shot that is struck directly off centre.
All Adidas bats this season are coming in fairly light and the 5.0 is no different. The bat weighs between 2lbs7 and 2lbs9, which is a great for adults of all strengths and sizes. Even though the bat is light, the pick-up is not feather light. It feels around a medium pick-up, so don’t expect the bat to be much lighter than its dead weight when playing a stroke.
The handle is of a medium size – neither too thick or too thin. The handle ovals off towards the bottom which makes it great for top handed players. The handle is covered in an Adidas branded grip which sticks to the Incurza colour scheme and allows high levels of  grip while batting.

Other features to mention are the top sheet which adds another layer of protection to the bat and covers any blemishes in the face. There is also an Adidas branded toe guard which will protect the bottom of the bat.

To reiterate, we have struggled to find any other bat at this price with this many high-quality features. Some come close, however we think this is a fantastic pick if you aren’t willing to shell out too much cash on a cricket bat. 

*Note – The demand for this bat is extremely high across retailers. If you are struggling to get your hands on this bat, the XT 5.0 is a fantastic alternative. We have reviewed the full range of Adidas bats for the 2021 season here