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The Best Cricket Batting Gloves: The 2022 Guide

After looking at 22 pairs of cricket batting gloves, our overall favourite is the Gray-Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves.

By CricketersChoice Editors

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Essential for any innings, a great pair of batting gloves should provide a batsman with protection, comfort and grip. It’s critical a batsman invests in the correct cricket gloves for them, as it takes only one awkward ball to cause a potential injury. To help you figure out which cricket batting gloves are the best for you, we have taken into account different budgets and selected a range of gloves suitable for different levels of cricket.

The Lowdown

  • Best All-Round Cricket Batting Gloves: Gray-Nicolls Legend (click to see)
    “One of the most premium batting gloves available to buy is the Gray-Nicolls Legend batting glove. Fitted with Pittard leather palms, an interlocking V design and a Tri-zone pro shield impact bar, it’s easy to see why this luxury glove is so popular with cricketers.”
  • Best Value For Money: Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts (click to see)
    “Constructed from leftover materials of other Gray-Nicolls products, this glove offers excellent value for money. This glove followers exactly the same style as the quality Academy range, however it is cheaper due to different material used.”


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Best Cricket Batting Gloves - Editor's Choice

Gray-Nicolls Legend Batting Gloves


  • Pittards ‘Gripster’ leather palms for fantastic grip
  • Multi-sectioned interlocking V design for increased layer protection
  • Tri-zone Pro Shield impact bar protects the side of the hand
  • Quad-layer protection absorbs impact

Our favourite cricket glove for the 2020 season is the Gray-Nicolls Legend Batting Glove. This minimalist looking glove has all the features a batsman needs for ultimate protection at the crease.

The gloves follow the traditional ‘interlocking V’ or shark tooth design. The index and middle finger are made up of four pieces, whereas the ring and pinky finger along with the thumb are made of three pieces. The design allows for maximum mobility, providing a full range of motion when opening and closing the hand. 

At the side of the glove is a ‘Trizone Pro Shield Impact Bar’. This ensures that the side of the hand will be protected from any nasty hits. We think this feature is great for putting confidence back into the hands of the batsman, by offering increased protection while playing risky shots such as the sweep. 

The palm is created from Pittard ‘Gripster’ Leather. This leather is soft, comfortable and offers supreme grip when holding a bat. The leather behaves in a way that gets better the more time you use it. While you sweat, more friction is created between the leather and the bat handle increasing the grip.

Other features to mention include the dual-sided wrist towel, which is great for wiping away sweat during hot days. We think the overall minimalist design looks fantastic and will look great along side any cricket bat. The gloves are also extremely light, making them superb for long innings.

Our only issue with these gloves are the price. These are sitting right at the top-end of the market and come at a premium.  We do however think this investment is worth it. This product has been developed and improved year after year and we think this latest version is truly a product that will offer nothing but the highest level of protection and durability season after season.

Best Value For Money Cricket Batting Gloves

Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts Academy Batting Gloves


  • Off-Cuts is exactly as the name suggests, a range of batting gloves that have been manufactured from the leftover material of old products.
  • A pair of Off-Cuts can be any combination of colours, no one pair of gloves are the same in terms of colour.
  • If you like your cricket gear loud, these will be the gloves for you.

If you find yourself on a budget of £25 or under, you simply can’t ignore the value that the Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts range offers. In particular the Off Cuts Academy Batting Gloves offer incredible value, using their unique approach in the design and style of this product.

Manufactured in exactly the same style as the Off Cut Pro, the gloves are constructed from leftover materials of other Gray-Nicolls products. This makes each pair of gloves unique, as different coloured left over material goes into each pair. In essence you are getting your own one of a kind cricket glove for under £25.

The stand-out feature of these gloves is that they follow the exact same style as the normal academy range, however they are retailed at almost £10 cheaper due to the different materials used.

Focusing on the outer, the Academy style uses the traditional ‘sausage finger’ design to maximise protection from any stray balls. The gloves are allow a large range of natural hand movement, due to high levels of flexibility. 

The high-quality leather palms promise batsmen fantastic comfort during extended stays at the crease, and fantastic durability to last many, many months. Not only this, but they are lightweight, an essential characteristic of batting gloves aimed at your players.

Another important feature is the Tri-layer protection system. This three level system distributes the effect of the impact of medium and fast bowling, lessening the chance of getting seriously hurt.

Make a statement at the crease with these fantastic cricket gloves, perfect for anybody playing entry-level cricket who is on a budget. 

Best Cricket Batting Gloves For Grip

Kookaburra Kahuna Pro Batting Gloves


  • DNA: Pro Grade 1+ quality
  • “Palm: High Traction Pittards ‘Quartz’ Leather
  • “Anti-Wear Patch: Pittards ‘Quartz’ Leather (palm) & Leather (heel)
  • Back: Premium PU

If grip is the only thing you care about in a pair of batting gloves, the Kookaburra Kahuna Pro are definitely a pair consider. Styled in the famous Kahuna green colours, these gloves create high levels of friction when holding a cricket bat.

The palms of the gloves are made from ‘Quartz’ Pittard leather. The leather feels extremely soft and the ‘Quartz’ print allows for maximum grip when playing a shot. Pittard leather is a unique material. As the hands sweat, the levels of grip the leather provides increases. So as you use these gloves game after game, the levels of grip will slowly increase over time. Pittard leather is extremely durable and will last season after season.  

A unique feature of these gloves is the Neoprene wristband. A standard pair of batting gloves typically has a towelled wristband. If you are not familiar, Neoprene is a soft material used in wrist and ankle supports. The advantage of a Neoprene wristband is that it’s extremely soft, lightweight and dries out really quickly. This makes these gloves perfect for warm days.

Regarding protection, the gloves follow a split-finger design. Each finger is packed with high-density foam which will absorb the impact of any cricket ball. Each finger is lined with reinforced fibre tips, ensuring the ends of the fingers are protected as well.

We have to comment on the comfort of these gloves. The cotton brushed lining creates a comfortable fit. Perforations in the palm of the glove and side ventilation lining guarantee high-levels of breathability, which ensures the hands feel cool throughout long innings. 

If you are serious about your cricket and need a pair of gloves that will ensure maximum grip while under pressure to get runs, these gloves are for you. 

Best Cricket Batting Gloves Under £75

Adidas Incurza 1.0 Batting Gloves


  • DNA: Pro Grade 1+ quality
  • “Palm: High Traction Pittards ‘Quartz’ Leather
  • “Anti-Wear Patch: Pittards ‘Quartz’ Leather (palm) & Leather (heel)
  • Back: Premium PU

Currently available for under £75, the Adidas Incurza 1.0 Batting Glove is a great option for any cricketer. This glove is the top batting glove in the Adidas 2020 range and there are plenty of reasons why we think you should take a closer look.

Firstly, we think the gloves look extremely attractive. The combination of solar red and black looks fantastic. If you happen to own a bat from the Incurza range, these gloves will be the perfect addition to your bag.

Regarding the design, the gloves follow a shark tooth or ‘V shield’ split finger. The design allows maximum movement in the hand. We get the impression that these gloves won’t take much wearing in. The thumb is a thick two piece. 

The gloves provide protection all around the hand. TPU inserts on every finger ensure the ends of the fingers are shielded. Each glove is very light, weighing around the 170-172 gram mark.

This set of gloves are slightly different to other top end competitors due to the material used in the palm. Pittard leather – usually the staple material for all top-end gloves is only used sparingly in this model. Pittard covers the thumb area slightly, while the rest of the palm is covered in sheep skins leather. The leather is still soft and feels durable. Perforations in the palm keep the it cool. 

Currently reduced by many retailers, this set of gloves are currently a top of the range bargain that will last for many seasons. 

Best Cricket Batting Gloves Under £50

Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts Pro Batting Gloves


  • Off-Cuts is exactly as the name suggests, a range of batting gloves that have been manufactured from the leftover material of old products.

Our favourite option for under £50 is the Gray-Nicolls Off Cuts Pro Batting Gloves. Recycled materials from left over gloves in the factory are used to make a high-quality and loud design. 

The Offcuts Pro, follows the exact same style at the Prestige glove. The silhouette follows a ‘sausage finger design which offers great protection to the whole of the hand.

We think the Offcuts concept is a great idea. The product not only stands-out by looking fantastic, it can also save you money and the environment at the same time. Initial reaction to these gloves has been fantastic and we fully expect Gray-Nicolls to add more products to the Offcuts range.

Best Cricket Batting Gloves For Beginners

Chase R7 Batting Gloves


  • Rounded fibre finger shell system
  • Premium calf leather palm
  • Armour playing on all fingers
  • Elasticated towelling velcro closure
  • Four split finger section for ultimate comfort

A fantastic budget option is the Chase R7 Batting Gloves. For under £35, we personally think the features on this pair of gloves offer the best value for money on the market.

Starting with the outer, each finger has 3 splits on each finger which feels extremely flexible. Each finger contains a rounded fibre shell insert, which protects the tops of the hands well from any impacts.

The palms are premium calf leather which feels extremely durable and long lasting. Perforations in the palm ensure a good level of air circulation. A breathable mesh is used along the thumb which prevents the hands from overheating.

As with nearly all cricket gloves, there is an elasticated towelling wristband which is used to secure the gloves in place and can be used to wipe away any sweat on a warm day. In addition to all of this the gloves are very light, weighing in at around the 176 to 177 gram mark.

We’re a big fan of the all-white stripped back design. We think that this design will look fantastic in combination with pretty much any bat. The gloves give a real premium feel with the added embossing of the R7 logo, which is usually a finish usually seen on more expensive gloves.

To summarise, these gloves are excellent for anyone that find themselves on a budget. They look great, feel comfortable and are of high-quality. You should not need to replace these gloves for a long amount of time.