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The Best Cricket Sets: The 2021 Guide

After reviewing 15 cricket sets, we picked out the Fortress Garden Cricket Set as the best available to buy.

By CricketersChoice Editors

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A cricket set or cricket kit can provide hours of entertainment in the garden, playground or local park. They can also be a wonderful introduction to the game for kids and adults alike. If you are looking for a cricket set that is perfect for your kids or great to play a game with your friends, you have come to the right place.

There is currently a variety of cricket sets available to buy. To make life easier for you, we have selected and tested our favourite cricket sets. Overall we have considered 15 sets and picked out 7 that have everything you need to have a great game of cricket.

Even though we have selected an overall favourite, no single cricket set will suit the needs of everyone. As an example, a young child will require a different sized cricket set to that of an adult. We have therefore selected various cricket sets that will suit different ages.

Table of Contents

Best Cricket Set - Editor's Choice



  • 2 Plastic Bats
  • 2 Sets of Plastic Stumps
  • 4 Bails
  • 2 Plastic Balls
  • Bag With Shoulder Strap
  • Sizes: Kids / Juniors / Adults
  • Suitable For: Children 7+ / Juniors / Adults

The Fortress Garden Cricket Set is in our opinion the best option for any aspiring cricketer searching for a new cricket set. We think that this cricket set is extremely high-quality and offers fantastic value for money. Available in sizes suitable for children, juniors and adults – this cricket set will pretty much suit everyone.

This cricket set is a truly complete cricket set, coming with two plastic bats, two sets of plastic stumps along with a base, four bails, two plastic ‘Incrediballs’ and a canvas bag fitted with shoulder strap.

When we first got our hands on this cricket set, the first thing we were impressed with was the sheer amount of kit we got for the price we paid. You get two of everything, making it fantastic value for money. Other cricket sets created by some of the more well known brands have half the amount of kit for around the same price point.

Another stand-out feature was the grade of the materials used to make the cricket kit. The kit is crafted with high-quality plastic making the bats, stumps and bails extremely durable. The cricket set will not snap or crack and is built to stand the test of the elements. This makes the set suitable for the beach as well as the times you find yourself playing in a small spells of drizzle.

Fortress throw in two ‘Incrediballs’ which are plastic cricket balls that are typically softer than the traditional leather ball. Incrediballs look and behave like a normal cricket ball does, allowing players to replicate match-like conditions. We think that this ball maybe slightly too heavy for younger children and playing in the back garden. You therefore may have to purchase a more suitable softer cricket ball.

The set arrives in a neat canvas carry bag, which can be easily stowed away. The bag is also fitted with a shoulder strap, which allows for the easy transportation of the kit down to the local park or beach.

Our only real issue with this cricket set is the price. If you find yourself on a budget, this may fall out of your price range as this is one of the most expensive cricket sets to buy. We do however think that if you have the money, this kit is a worth investment. You are getting a fantastic amount of durable kit which can provide hours of fun for years.

Best Budget Cricket Set



  • 1 Wooden Bat
  • Gripped Handle
  • 4 Wooden Stumps
  • 1 Wooden Bail
  • 2 Tennis/Cricket Balls 
  • Bag With Shoulder Strap
  • Sizes: 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
  • Suitable For: Children 6 – 9 / Juniors 10 – 13

Owning a Slazenger cricket kit a least once in your life should be a cricket law. Every cricketer at some point has owned one of these and we think you should too. Currently available for under fifteen pounds, our budget pick is the Slazenger V1000 Cricket Set. Available in sizes 3-6, this set is suitable for children aged 7-12.

In this set, you are provided with a V1000 wooden cricket bat which is decorated with the famous Slazenger branding. We think the wooden bat is a great introduction to cricket for any child.Fitted with a rubber grip handle, the bat is perfect for children to learn how to hold and grip a wooden bat.

You are also provided with four wooden stumps along with a wooden bail. We think the fact that Slazenger throw in two cricket tennis balls is a really nice touch. This covers you from any loose balls that accidentally make their way into neighbours garden. The kit comes in a bag fitted with a shoulder strap allowing easy transportation.

When testing this product, we could tell that the wooden stumps are not made with the highest grade of wood.  Given the price point, we think this should be expected. The durability could be questioned, we can imagine the set could be easily damaged if it is left out in the garden. We were also limited to where we could test this set, as the wooden stumps cannot be played with on hard surfaces such as concrete.

Our only issue with this style of cricket set is the stumps. During the summer, ground tends to get hard, making it tricky to push these stumps into the ground. It may take excessive force to set up your game of cricket. We suggest using a cheap mallet in these situations.

To summarise, this cricket set is fantastic for anybody looking for a cheap set for playing with friends in the garden or down the local park.

Best Cricket Set for Kids Aged 4-6



  • Moulded Cricket Bat
  • 3 All-Weather Strumps
  • 1 All-Weather Base
  • 1 All-Weather Rubber Ball
  • Suitable For: Children 4-6

Gunn & Moore have created arguably the best cricket set for children aged between 4 and 6.  The Opener Cricket Set is a great introduction to cricket, that can provide hours of fun for you and your children. In this cricket set, you are provided a bat, ball, stumps and base.

Like all GM cricket sets, the bat is the stand out feature of this cricket set. Made from solid plastic, it is a good size and weight for young children. The wickets and base are also adequately sized for kids. Durability will be no issue and we expect this set to last a number of years. The cricket set comes in a convenient bag, that makes transporting the set to the park or beach easy. 

There are no bails included in this set, however we see this as a positive rather than a negative. We advise that you play with no bails, especially when playing with young children – you will find yourself replacing the bails more often than you would like to.

We have very minor issue to call out regarding the ball. The rubber ball is harder than we expected and suggest playing with a sponge or tennis ball with children in the 4 to 5 age range. We also found the stumps to blow over in the wind fairly easily, which may cause issues playing in open spaces on windy days.

There is a very limited number of cricket set options for very young children and we think this is the best one, offering value and quality.

Best Cricket Set for Kids Aged 7-11



  • 1 Plastic Cricket Bat – Size 5
  • 1 Plastic Cricket Bat – Size 3
  • 3 Batting End Stumps With Base
  • 1 Bowling End Stump With Base
  • 2 Bails
  • 2 Soft Balls
  • Durable Bag
  • Suitable For: Children 7 – 11 

If our overall pick is out of your price range, a slightly cheaper alternative set that is great for children between the ages of seven and eleven is the Ram Crazy Cricket Set.

The unique feature of this cricket set is the bats. You are provided with a size three and size five bat, which is perfect if you have children with a slight age gap. It also prevents the need to replace your cricket set when your child eventually reaches the age of ten or eleven. The bats are also made from solid plastic which are lightweight and durable.

The stumps are also made of plastic, making them perfect for the beach or slightly drizzly conditions. The stumps are accompanied by a solid base, which removes the struggles of trying to push stumps into hard ground. We found the balls to be a good weight, which allow children to easily hit and control their shots.

The carry case is in our opinion the best we tested. It gives the impression that it is extremely well made and built to last. When fully packed with the kit, we found the case to be lightweight and easy to transport.

Our only nag with this kit, is that you only get one complete set of stumps. The bowling stump is a nice touch, however we see no reason as to why Ram couldn’t have provided another full set. Other rival cricket kits, have the two sets of stumps meaning this set loses a few points with regards to value for money.

To keep it simple, we think this is an excellent cricket set that may save you some money further down the line, especially if your child is currently younger. We do think however, that if you have the money, the real value lies with our overall pick.

Best Cricket Set for Ages 11+



  • ICON Moulded Cricket Bat
  • 3 All-Weather Stumps
  • 1 All-Weather Base
  • 1 Soft Rubber Ball
  • Durable Carry Bag
  • Sizes: 4 / 6
  • Suitable For: Children 9 – 13+

A cricket set to consider is the Gunn & Moore Icon All Weather Cricket Set. Part of the the GM ‘Young Gunn’ range, this set has been specially designed to kick start the careers of young aspiring cricketers.

Inside the bag there is a plastic cricket bat, three all-weather stumps accompanied by an all-weather base and an all important soft rubber ball. The set is available in a size four or six, making it perfect for children aged eight or older.

When testing the set, we found the bat to be made of high-quality plastic. It is strong, durable and guaranteed to stand the test of time. Similarly, the stumps and base feel absolutely solid also. We found that the stumps easily slot into the base and stand well when erected. The base also implies that no time will be wasted trying to push stumps into hard stubborn ground.

The soft rubber ball bounces well and isn’t too tough on the hands, giving juniors the confidence to take catches. We think the rubber ball is a fantastic step-up for any junior that has been playing cricket with a tennis ball. The carry bag is strong and has a shoulder strap fitted, making transportation to the park effortless.

Our issues with this cricket set are that only one set of stumps are provided and no bails are included. Sitting on the higher end of the price spectrum, competitor products offer two set of stumps and bails for a similar price. We therefore think that value for money lies with our overall pick.  It is still however a great set for playing cricket with friends.

The Competition



  • 2 Plastic Cricket Bats – Size 6
  • 3 Batting End Stumps With Base
  • 1 Bowling End Stump With Base
  • 2 Bails
  • 2 Soft Balls
  • Durable Bag
  • Suitable For: Juniors 11+/ Adults

The great thing about the ever so popular Ram Crazy Cricket Set is that it comes in multiple sizes, making it perfect for anyone over the ages of eleven. This set is identical to our favourite set for seven to eleven year olds. The only difference is the size of the bats –  instead of bats sized three and five, you get two size six bats.

Similarly to the junior set, the set packs away into a high-quality bag. The whole set is made of durable high-quality plastic which is not flimsy by any means. Size six bats are perfect for anyone ages eleven and above. We found the bats to be light meaning they may not be too heavy for anyone younger wishing to play.

Again we think this cricket set it great but we do see more value with our overall pick. This set comes in at a slightly lower price though, so if you are on a budget this may be the perfect set for you.



  • ECLIPSE Cricket Bat
  • Batting Gloves
  • 1 Soft Tennis/Cricket Ball
  • 4 Stumps & 1 Bail
  • Durable Carry Bag
  • Sizes: 2 / 4 / 6
  • Suitable For: Children 6 – 13

Another great cricket set is the GM Eclipse Cricket Set. This maybe the best cricket set to introduce children to batting. Available in sizes two, four and six, this set is suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 13.

We really liked how batting gloves are included in this set as there are not many sets on the market with this option. There is a difference between holding cricket bats with bare hands and gloves, so this set may be the perfect introduction to batting.

As you know by now, we are not a huge fan of wooden stumps. Yes – this is what is used in the actual game but when it comes to playing recreational cricket, you are limited to what surfaces you can play on. There may be occasions where you want to play on concrete and this set limits this. We therefore think plastic sets with a base are a lot more functional.