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The Best Cricket Shoes: The 2022 Guide

Payntr, New Balance, Adidas - just a few brands who have brought an excellent shoe game to the new season. But what are the best options for cricketers in 2022?

By CricketersChoice Editors

Comfortable cricket shoes are an essential for any cricketer. Long afternoons out on the field are often tough on the feet, so it is important that a cricketer wears shoes that will provide adequate comfort and support. If you are unsure as to which cricket shoes are the best for you, to help narrow down the field, we’ve picked out and reviewed some of our favourites for 2022. We have considered x cricket shoes and selected x that we think are fantastic value for money – each offering comfort, support and durability.


Adidas Vector Mid Cricket Spikes

The cordless MG7750 has a friendly design, lots of useful accessories, and just the right amount of power needed for comfortable, precise grooming.

The eye-catching Adidas Vector Mid is a fantastic all-purpose cricket shoe that excels during quick dashes between the stumps and powerful bowling run-ups. The pioneering BOA tightening system firmly secures the foot within the shoe, which gave our testers all the support their feet and ankles could need, to cope with the stresses of the game. Additional stability is provided by a bevelled heel and an internal support cage. Our only concern is that these shoes sit towards the top-end of the market potentially making these shoes slightly out of reach for those with smaller amounts to spend. 


Payntr XPF-AR All-Rounder Spike

The cordless MG7750 has a friendly design, lots of useful accessories, and just the right amount of power needed for comfortable, precise grooming.

Brand new for 2022, Payntr have added to their already impressive range with the XPF-AR. During testing, the shoe showcased impressive stability and flexibility to support the demands of any all-rounder. The show is designed on a runners upper which offers a comfortable and superior fit. We loved how the shoe was coated in water-wicking material which is excellent for those dewy mornings under-foot.


Newbery Elite Performance Cricket Spike

The cordless MG7750 has a friendly design, lots of useful accessories, and just the right amount of power needed for comfortable, precise grooming.

The Newbery Elite Performance Spike is an excellent model to choose if you find yourself on a tighter budget. While this pair may not have the exclusive features of our top picks, we found the pair to be excellent value. Built with a unique ‘CrikSok’ design and unique EvoPro sole, the fit is excellent.   If you have the cash, we recommend investing in one of the more premium pairs, however we promise that the design of the Newbery Elite will always give you a comfortable afternoon out on the field. 


Why Should You Trust Us?

We have extensive knowledge of cricketing equipment, acquired from over 15 years of playing the beautiful game. From playing, coaching and even selling – our editor’s have had their hands on pretty much every type of cricket shoe out there and know exactly what is required to help elevate every cricketers game.

In addition to personal experience, we have spent hours speaking to cricketers ranging from grass-roots to county level, to truly understand what they require in a cricket shoe. 

Who Is This For?

Buying cricket equipment online can be slightly daunting. Unfortunately, the rise in the internet has seen the demise of local cricket stores, where those all important equipment questions were usually answered. Now the majority of us rely on the internet to purchase our equipment from retailers. It’s fair to say that same level advice is rare to come across and this is where we are trying to fill that void.

 If you are therefore simply looking for a brand new pair of cricket shoes, you could be a rookie cricketer or you could even be a seasoned veteran of the game – this review is for everyone. We truly believe our views and opinions will provide value in some way, shape or form to anybody involved in the cricketing world. 

How We Picked

When it comes to cricket shoes, you will find that different types of players are likely to have different types of shoes dependent upon their role. The game has moved on and so have the overall quality of cricket shoes. In fact, quality has increased that much, manufacturers are now creating shoes specifically for batting, bowling and all-rounders. In this particular article, we have focused on the great picks for those who like a bat and bowl aka all-rounders. .

When picking cricket shoes for all-rounders specifically, we determined that the best cricket shoes should have the following features and attributes:

  • Comfort: 
  • Support: It’s essential for a cricket shoe to have adequate support 
  • Lightweight: All-rounders are involved in all the action in a cricket match. If it isn’t sprinting between the wickets for a quick single or stomping in to bowl, lightweight footwea
Cost – budget – cricket shoes vary from 

Level of cricket play 

Sizing – 1 – 13 

Adidas and New Balance come up slightly shorter. 

Rubber Sole Shoe – Astros 

Bowler full spike 

Rubber spike in the back/front

Lightweight – Clunky shoe

How We Tested

During testing, our aim was to evaluate the following:

  • Comfort: This factor is important both during workouts and when kicking around. Langer said that the prevailing medical wisdom is that how comfortable a shoe feels while you’re working out is the most important thing to look for in shoes you might wear at the gym.
  • Stability: We considered this in two ways: First, the anchored-down, floor-connected feeling you want when your feet are planted flat while lifting weights; and second, the amount of traction and control you feel during quick movements in any direction, as well as when landing jumps.
  • Fit: Were the shoes true to size? Did they hug well in the right places (mid-foot and heel) while allowing the toes room to spread?
  • Aesthetics: Plainly, are these shoes that we would feel good about wearing to the gym? In addition to looking at the styling of the shoe, we also took into account how many color options were available.




  • BOA tightening system to allow faster lacing
  •  EVA midsole with Adiprene to provide exceptional comfort
  • Mid cut ankle height for increased support
  • TPU outsole material creates a lightweight shoe

The Adidas Vector Mid cricket shoe has proven to be the most popular on the market for the past number of seasons. For 2021, Adidas have taken the Vector Mid back to the drawing board and revamped the colour scheme and features. In our opinion, Adidas have improved on an already excellent product, making these shoes worthy of the best cricket shoe title.

When we first got our hands on the Vector Mid, we couldn’t help but notice the unique choice of colour way Adidas have chosen. The shoe is predominantly white with flashes of acid yellow applied sparingly across the sole and upper. It is fair to say that there are no other cricket shoes outside of the Adidas 2021 range styled in this way. We think the colour scheme creates an attractive looking shoe, perfectly topping off the excellent features that lie underneath.

The shoes upper is a mid-cut style that provides the ankle with additional support fast bowlers require. The mid-cut isn’t as high as other bowling cricket shoes, which means that they can be used for batting as well as bowling. We thought the upper ankle area was exceptionally padded and see no issues with the upper digging into the ankle.

A blend of hardwearing breathable mesh and TPU make up the rest of the upper. We found the mesh allowed a significant amount of airflow, keeping the feet nice and cool. Inside the shoe lies a cage which merged with the tongue is the underlying features of the BOA lacing system. The BOA system locks the foot into place by applying pressure and hugging the foot from both sides. We thought that this, combined with the traditional laces lying above created a very secure fit.

The mid-sole is created from AdiPRENE technology – a cushioning system developed by Adidas to absorb the forces excerpted through activity. The sole has an added bevelled edge which increases stability during fast paced run ups. The bottom of the sole is created from TPU – a hardened plastic-like material – which is forged into a grid system with additional teeth, preventing any awkward twists or turns of the ankle. The sole is finished with holes for metal spikes, that can be added or remove at the users discretion.

Other things to note include the shoes weight. Weighing around the 420g mark implies that this shoe is fairly light in comparison to other options available to buy. There are also added details such as lacing eyelets that are covered in rubber, adding to the overall premium feel of the product. If you’re not a fan of the yellow colour way, the 2020 red/orange offering is pretty much an identical shoe. 

To summarise, these shoes are for anybody that is serious about their cricket. If you want to look after your legs and feet, while putting your body through the motions, the Adidas Vector Mid Cricket Shoes are a great option for you. These are a great investment that we are positive will last you a long time.

Best Budget Cricket Shoes



  • Three dimensional comfort lining for superior, long lasting fit and feel
  • Moulded TPR heel cradle locks foot in place maintaining the shoe’s integrity and protecting the delicate heel area
  • Compression moulded, lightweight EVA midsole for superior cushioning and comfort

We think that a great option for those of you on a budget is the Gunn and Moore Original Cricket Spikes. At the time of writing these shoes come in at under £50, which we think is fantastic value for money.

The upper has a three dimensional comfort lining which creates a long lasting fit. When wearing the shoe, there is a sock-like fit created by the ergonomic slip. Moulded TPR covers the heel, protecting the shoe while also locking the foot into place when bowling. 

The mid-sole is made from compression moulded, lightweight EVA which cushions the foot well and adds additional comfort. At the bottom of the show is a GM loPro sole unit which is designed to create a shoe that is lightweight with no additional bulk.

A durable, lightweight two tone TPU outsole has strategically placed spikes with supplementary moulded pimple studs, which adds additional grip while bowling. Injection moulded mid-foot shank provides stability through the arch reducing foot fatigue.

To summarise, for under £50 you are getting a shoe which does all the basics really well. These shoes are lightweight, durable and comfortable making them an excellent investment for those who have a budget in place.

Best Cricket Shoes for Fast Bowlers



  • Double layered micro fibre PU upper for maximum strength
  •  Strategically positioned Velcro strap to support the foot
  • Hardened TPU heel for extra support
  • Lightweight EVA midsole for comfort
  • Reinforced spike formation
  • Internal toe box

Brand new for 2020, we have the Paytnr 225 Bowling Spikes. These cricket shoes are the first  to be released by Paytnr that are specifically designed for bowling. We think that these cricket shoes are exceptionally high-quality and have all the features that a fast bowler requires.

Starting with the upper, we noticed that the shoe isn’t typically a mid-cut like other bowling shoes. Despite this, we were happy that the shoe provided the adequate support we needed for pace bowling. Made from double layered micro fibre PU, the upper is strong and durable, sure to last for countless seasons. Air holes pierce through the upper, allowing the foot to breathe – a feature that will be welcomed by all fast bowlers.

An ankle strap – usually a staple for bowling boots – locks the the foot in place, offering additional support to the ankles. The toe has padding on the inner and a rubber bumper on the outer, which prevents scuffing in any instances of toe drag. We think that this feature makes these shoes great for batting as well, offering protection from any testing yorkers you may potentially face.

The midsole is contracted from lightweight EVA foam, which absorbs any shocks or stresses faced when bowling. The sole is made from hardened TPU, which contains 5mm and 2mm strategically placed lugs – designed to maximise grip. There are additional sockets for spikes, which can be added or removed.

We found these shoes to be extremely comfortable. This is due to the insole which is ultralight weight and fitted with a gel heel, designed to cushion feet throughout long periods of play. The shoes were also fairly lightweight, weighing at around the 500g mark.

If you are looking to purchase this shoe, one thing to note is that they are a large fit. Paytnr are known for their small fittings, however the 225’s do not follow the same pattern. We found them to be a wide fitting shoe, so we recommend you purchase half a size down as to what you would usually go for.

Overall, we think these are some of the best bowling boots we have had our hands on. They feel exceptionally high-quality, have every feature a bowler could possibly need and will last for years. These really are an investment for any serious pace bowler.

Best Cricket Shoes for All Rounders



  • Cage Technology, a high-performance exoskeleton upper that provides high-level comfort and support to batsmen
  • Powerband Pro, a high-performance built-in support cradle system for dynamic athletic movements
  • Featuring the Speedbase Outsole, a lightweight, stable sole unit with strategic spike configuration to maximise grip, balance and energy transfer
  • Introducing Impulse +, a revolutionary new midsole compound with heel raise for ultimate lightweight cushioning
  • Active Plus Footbed optimises support and shock absorption

Gray Nicholls top of the range cricket shoe is perfect for the all round cricketer.  Gray-Nicolls state that these are the their best cricket spikes to doubt, and we tend to agree.

We found that the Cage 2.0  is one of the most comfortable cricket shoes we’ve tested. This is due to the ample amount of technology piled into this shoe. Gray-Nicolls have developed Cage Technology, which is designed to provide cricketers comfort and support via a high-performance exoskeleton upper, constructed of dual layer of fused KPU.

Another new technology included in the shoe is the Powerband Pro, a high-performance support cradle system that wraps around the foot. This provides increased the support and prevents the foot from any awkward ankle rolls.

The mid-sole is created with the Gray-Nicolls new Impulse + midsole compound. The midsole is designed to absorb any shocks or impacts of hard wickets. We thought the lightweight cushioning offered by the mid-sole was great for a tough day of cricket.

We thought the Speedbase Outsole delivered an overall lightweight sole which contributed to us achieving maximum mobility in the field and between the wickets. The studs are strategically configured to guarantee improved grip and energy transfer. When bowling pace, the studs provided us with the adequate grip to bowl.

We think the Cage 2.0 is going to be one of the most popular cricket shoes for the 2020 season. Gray-Nicolls have really upped their cricket shoe game with this excellent shoe. This is a a definitely a worth-while investment for any all-rounder out there.

Best Cricket Shoes for Batting



  • Breathable – Air can flow in and out for effective ventilation.
  • TPU Overlays – Absorbs shocks for protection.
  • Toe Protection – Thick material surrounds the forefoot for protection.
  • BOA Lacing – Easily secure the laces for a perfect fit.
  • Padded Tongue – Comfortable tongue sits on the ankle.

A fantastic choice of shoe for batting is the Adidas 22 YDS Cricket Shoe. We’ve selected this shoe from the impressive Adidas 2020 line up. As the name suggests, this shoe is ideal for sprinting back and forth between the stumps.

The standout feature of this shoe is the BOA lacing system. The system implies there is no requirement for traditional laces. Simply slide your foot into the shoe and tighten the BOA dial. The mesh lace may look thin, but Adidas claim they are twenty times stronger than a traditional lace.

TPU hard plastic lines the sole of the shoe. The TPU has sharp plastic lugs, which provides excellent traction. We found that these shoes provided excellent grip, even when darting for a quick single. The mid-sole is made from responsive Adidas Boost technology, which creates maximum energy return. This foam-like technology provided excellent protection from the stresses of the wicket.

Once the BOA system was secured, we found this shoe to be extremely comfortable. These shoes are guaranteed to maintain comfort throughout the longest cricket matches. The shoe is also one of the lightest that we tested.

If you are a fast bowler, this shoe is not for you. The shoes are perfect for batting and fielding, but adequate grip may not be provided in the forces of bowling.

Best Cricket Shoes for Indoor Cricket



  • Lightweight breathable design
  •  Anti-roll insole
  • Strength tested PU upper
  • Additional toe support
  • Rubber sole for traction

The PAYNTR X Mk 3 Pimple Shoe is our favourite cricket shoes for indoor cricket. This third generation offering from PAYNTR offers a number of technical innovations perfect for the indoors or an artificial wicket. 

The stand-out feature of these shoes is the pimple sole. There are a number of pimples dotted across the sole, creating exceptional traction on all surfaces. The grip is perfect for batting, fielding and bowling spin. PAYNTR do not recommend these shoes for fast bowlers, however if you bowl pace in the indoors these are the shoes that offer the most grip.

Created from PU, the upper is a lightweight breathable design. Despite being lightweight, the shoes are exceptionally strong. There is added toe support which will protect from any balls impacting the toe, if you decide to have a bat. We found the shoes to be very comfortable. PAYNTR have adopted a sock-like design, which creates a snug fit. 

The shoe is fitted with an anti-roll insole. Backed up by the padded heel cup, both provide stability to prevent any sideways movements of the foot. The ankle is low cut, ideal for anyone that likes to move their feet when they bat. 

These shoes are everything that an indoor cricketer requires. With fantastic grip, an extremely durable outer and an extremely comfortable fit, you won’t be disappointed with these cricket shoes.