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The Best Cricket Stumps [Reviewed 2021]

By CricketersChoice Editors

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Essential to any game of cricket, cricket stumps need to be strong and durable to withstand the impact of fast deliveries. If your cricket wickets are old, battered and bruised and it’s time for a new set, or you don’t know which cricket stumps are the best for you – we’ve picked out and reviewed some of our favourites to help you with your search. 

There are many different styles of cricket stumps available to purchase. We have considered 16 sets of cricket stumps and picked out 7 high-quality options which are great for professional, amateur and recreational play.

Even though we have an overall favourite, no single set of stumps will suit every cricket match or practice. A top of the range set designed for county cricket may not be suitable for a quick game in the back garden. We have therefore selected a variety of cricket stumps which caters for many different occasions.

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Best Overall Cricket Stumps - Editor's Choice



  • 6 Wooden Poles
  • 4 Wooden Bails
  • High-Quality Zip Carry Bag
  • Carved using English Ash Wood
  • Size: Junior (27in) / Senior (28in)

Our favourite cricket stumps are the Fortress County Wooden Cricket Stumps. These stumps are our premium pick made from the best materials, that should only be used on match day. We think these stumps are a fantastic choice for any serious cricketer or cricket club of any level.

For your money, you get two sets of stumps which consist of six wooden poles and four bails, meaning you have everything for a proper game of cricket. The set comes in a heavy-padded carry bag.

When testing these stumps, we could instantly tell they were of very high-quality. The English Ash Wood used to carve the stumps, gives the impression that they are long-lasting and will offer excellent resistance against leather cricket balls. The stumps are coated in varnish which adds to overall strength of the product.

We were particularly impressed with the heavy-duty carry bag. It has two different sections, one for the poles and another for the bails. We are confident the bag will offer adequate protection when transporting and storing the stumps.

The set is constructed to comply with ICC regulation, implying that the stumps can be used for any level of cricket. In addition to all of this, Fortress have manufactured these stumps for both seniors and juniors, with a 27 and 28 inch option.

Best Spring Back Cricket Stumps



  • Treated Wood Stumps
  • Cast Iron Base
  • Spring Back Design 
  • Size: Senior (28in)

Spring back cricket stumps can prove to be a worthwhile investment, which can save time which would be lost replacing ‘traditional’ stumps after a wicket. Our favourite spring back style are the Fortress Spring Back Cricket Stumps, which retracted perfectly when tested.

When purchasing this product, you get a single set of spring back stumps, along with two bails to place on top. These stumps arrive pre-assembled which means you can spend more time out in the nets.

The stand-out feature was the innovative spring back design which allows the stumps to retain their positioning immediately after impact. We thought the spring were extremely flexible ensuring continued excellent performance. 

Manufactured using treated wood, the stumps and bails are ultimately built to stand the test of time. We tested these stumps with a leather cricket ball, and they had no issues absorbing the impact of the ball. Fortress state that these stumps can be used with any type of cricket ball.

The premium-grade base gives the cricket stumps supreme stability during play. We found the base to be heavy enough for the stumps to maintain their position upon impact. The cast iron base isn’t too heavy to transport from the car to the nets. 

Our only issue was that we had to wiggle the stumps around to ensure the bails fit correctly, however this is a very slight nuance which doesn’t affect the overall performance of the stumps. Despite this, we think these stumps are an excellent choice for net sessions, schools and matches.

Best Rubber Base Cricket Stumps



  • Rubber Stumps
  • Solid Base
  • 2 Bails
  • Size: Senior (28in)

If you’re looking for a great set of cricket stumps for net practice or fielding drills, we suggest looking at the Gray-Nicolls Rubber Base Stumps. Despite standing 28 inches tall, we think this set is great for cricketers of all ages.

With every purchase you get a complete set of cricket stumps, made up of three rubber poles and a solid base to mount. Two bails are also provided finishing the complete set.

The stumps are made of pure rubber, which deflect solid balls with ease. They really give the impression that no matter how many times you use them in practice, they will continually perform to the highest level.

We found that the stumps were extremely easy to set up, meaning more time can be spent playing cricket. When erected, the stumps were lightweight making transport no issue.

Available in neon green, we think these vibrant stumps will appeal to crickets of all ages.

Best Junior Cricket Stumps



  • Wooden Stumps
  • Spring Design
  • Slazenger Branding
  • Sizes: Junior (27in)

An excellent choice of cricket stumps for juniors is the Slazenger Junior Spring Back Cricket Stumps. Measuring 27 inches, these stumps are an excellent starting point for any aspiring cricketer. Currently available for under £30, Slazenger provide a single set of spring back cricket stumps which are accompanied by 2 bails.

As with all Slazenger products, these cricket stumps are of high-quality which guarantee durability. When bowling at these stumps, we found that the springs were efficient and returned the stumps to an upright position after impact. This feature is great for any junior cricketer learning the game, as they may get bowled out more than a seasoned adult cricketer.

The stumps and springs are mounted on a cast iron base. We thought the base created an overall sturdy structure.  The stumps are reasonably lightweight, making them easy to transport from the car to the wickets.

Our only issue with these stumps is that they will eventually have to be replaced. As with most junior products, children eventually grow out of them. In the case of cricket stumps, the difference between junior and adult sizing is 1 inch. Due to this tiny difference, we think that the best investment lies with an adult set, that will save money further down the line. 

Best Plastic Cricket Stumps



  • 3 Plastic Poles
  • 2 Plastic Bails
  • Sturdy Base
  • Sizes: Junior (27in) / Senior (28in)

Our favourite plastic cricket stumps are the Gray-Nicolls Plastic Power Stumps. This is a fantastic set of cricket stumps which can be used by all ages in the garden, local park or cricket practice.

When investing in these stumps, you get one full set complete with three poles, a base and two bails. The stumps are made from high-quality plastic, which will be able to stand any test from the elements.

We found these stumps to be extremely lightweight, making transportation of the set easy. Assembling and disassembling proved to be an absolute breeze. The stumps fit snugly into the base, creating a secure fit that is built to stand the impact of cricket balls.

Designed in a black and red colour way with Gray-Nicolls and PowerPlay branding, we are positive that junior cricketers will love using these stumps during their matches and training sessions.

Best Light Up Cricket Stumps



  • 1 Flashing Stump
  • 2 Standard Stumps
  • 1 Stump Base
  • Shock Absorbing Bumpers
  • Bright LEDs 
Adding more fun to the wonderful game are the Zing Flashing Cricket Stumps. These stumps are perfect for children aged eight and above  and can be used pretty much anywhere.
Within this set you get 3 stumps, of which one flashes. There is a sturdy base which the stumps slot into. You do not get any Zing flashing bails with this set – these need to be purchased separately. 
The stand-out feature is the unique flashing stump which lights up upon impact. This really adds a ‘fun’ element and can transform any game of cricket into a joyous occasion. The light-up feature is especially a hit with children.

The standard stumps are extremely durable and can stand the impact of fast balls. The base provides a sturdy platform for the stumps. You do have the option to add additional water or sand to the base, to give that extra bit of weight for stability. 

Our only issue is that Zing advise that the stumps should only be used with soft rubber or tennis balls. This may limit the circumstances in which you can play with these stumps. We do however know of clubs that are using these in matches, so you could take that risk if you really wanted to play with a leather ball. 

Best Metal Cricket Stumps



  • 3 Metal Stumps 
  • Bails Attached
  • Sizes: Senior (28in)

There isn’t too much we can say about metal cricket stumps, however an example we found that are fit for purpose is the Ram Metal Cricket Stumps. 

The stumps performed exactly how you would expect, sturdy enough to stand the impact of fast bowling but also light enough to allow easy transportation. 

An advantage of metal cricket stumps is that they extremely durable and will not get damaged easily. We do not advise using a leather cricket ball with these stumps, as you will have to replace your bowl fairly quickly.

Measuring 28 inches, these are great for playing on a playground or concrete surface.