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The Best Cricket Sunglasses: The 2022 Guide

We’ve tested various pairs of the best cricket sunglasses, and we think that the Oakley EVZero Path are the ultimate pair of sunglasses for any cricketer.

By CricketersChoice Editors

Wearing the right pair of cricket sunglasses can improve your levels of visibility drastically, increasing your chances of taking that all important catch. It’s not all about catching the ball either, cricketers are exposed to the sun for long periods of time. During these periods, quality eye-protection will protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet radiation and foreign objects. In this article, we select and review the very best cricket sunglasses available to purchase. 

As recently seen in England’s most recent test series in India, the go-to pick for cricket sunglasses are the Oakley Radar EV Path. Worn by Joe Root and Virat Kohli to name a few, these sunglasses were ever so popular with both teams throughout the four games. If it’s good enough for the professionals, it’s good enough for us – and this is why the Oakley Radar EV Path are our top pick for cricket eye protection. 

After testing the Radar EV Path, it is easy to see why these sunglasses are so popular with the best players in the game. The ‘EV’ stands for ‘extended vision’, which is an accurate reflection of the range of vision these sunglasses offer.  We found that in whatever angle you look, your eyes are sheltered from the sun. In particular, it is worth calling out the upper peripherals which are slightly raised to allow a wider view. This is perfect for those awkward catches that find their way into the path of the sun. 

Staying consistently inline with other models, the frame is constructed from O-Matter. O-Matter is a tough and durable material developed by Oakley to be extremely lightweight and stand the test of time.  We think that these glasses are incredibly durable and would prove to be exceptionally hard to damage. This durability will ensure that your investment in these sunglasses will last you an endless amount of seasons. 

We found that the glasses feel extremely lightweight and sit securely on the head. Oakley have designed these glasses using their infamous three point system, which implies that the glasses sit on the nose and gently grab each side of your head. The arms (or earsocks) are coated in ‘Unobtanium’ – a material developed by Oakley which gets ‘grippier’ as moisture levels increase. The combination of these two technologies ensures that the glasses stay securely in place when sprinting to prevent a boundary during warm afternoons out in the field. 

Oakley have carefully re-considered ventilation in the design of these sunglasses, which significantly lacked as a feature in previous versions. Pockets of venting sit at the top of the lens and surge ports are integrated at the side – these combine fantastically to prevent any fogging. The excellent ventilation reduces levels of perspiration during long periods of play. 

With every purchase of Oakley sunglasses you get a hard case, microfibre cloth along with an extra set of nose pads alongside your glasses. Our only real issue with these sunglasses is that you do not get any additional lenses. Other Oakley models come with two lenses, however these models come with an additional premium. Despite this, we think the standard Prizm lens is adequate enough for cricket. 

In addition to this, the EV Path comes in a variety of colours. If you aren’t a fan of the stock black, the frame and lens come in pretty much any colour you could think of. The lens is also interchangeable, which means you can swap out the stock lens for any colours/style of your choice. 

Best Budget Sunglasses for Cricket


If you need a pair of sunglasses for cricket but find yourself on a tight budget, the Sunwise Equinox Sports Sunglasses may be a great option for you. Adequately named, the stand-out feature is that the glasses come with 4 different lenses – each designed for different levels of light.

Made from high-quality polycarbonate the lenses range from Category 0 to 3 – 0 being designed for clear conditions and 3 being designed for strong light. We found that changing the lens took very minimal effort, simply clicking in or out as and when required. The shape of the lens wraps around the full view of the eye, preventing any additional light exposure from the peripherals.

The white and orange frame are reasonably lightweight and manage to stay in place while diving around in the field. We found the nose pad to be extremely comfortable, adding to the overall comfortable fit of the glasses.

Our only slight issue is that Sunwise do not provide a hard case to store away these sunglasses. A micro fibre bag is provided, however is this really enough to protect your glasses in your cricket bag – probably not. A side from this, we think that these sunglasses are perfect for any cricketer on a budget. These glasses offer the performance of models that are almost double the price.

After playing numerous cricket games, consistently trying and comparing different models of cricket sunglasses, we believe the Oakley EVZero™ Path are another excellent choice of eye protection for playing cricket. The stand-out feature is the complete shield lens, which is not supported by any rim which ensures an unobstructed view wherever you look. 

Oakley’s exclusive Prizm™ lens enhances colour beautifully and increases contrast. We tested these sunglasses during the summer, where sun exposure was at its greatest and found that the lens optimised our ability to see moving objects better, making them perfect for taking those all important catches in the field. We consider the Prizm™ lens one of the best for cricket.

The toric shield lens is created from Plutonite®, a material designed by Oakley that prevents ultraviolet light from reaching the eyes. The shape of the lens ensures that the eyes are protected from UV at all angles – there are even slight flares at the side of the frame to block any additional glare that you may experience in your peripherals.

The frame is made from a material that is strong, lightweight and durable which guarantees that these glasses are sure to stand the test of time. The glasses arms are very thin, creating an extremely comfortable fit.

Unobtanium® a rubber-like material developed by Oakley, coats the ear socks and nose pads which bonds better to the skin the more you sweat. We found that the glasses stayed securely in place while out in the field on particularly hot days.

We found the sunglasses to be incredibly lightweight, to the point where at times we forgot we were actually wearing sunglasses. Weighing just 21 grams, Oakley have stated that these glasses are the lightest product that they have ever produced. 

With every purchase, Oakley throw in a hard case and black micro fibre bag to keep your glasses protected. This allows us to store our sunglasses safely with the rest of our kit in our cricket bag. They also provide an extra nose pad which is slightly wider, so you can pick the nose pad you prefer.

Our only issue with these sunglasses is the price. Sitting right at the top end of the market, these glasses will unfortunately exceed some peoples budget . What we will say is this – the high price is justified by the number of exclusive features developed and patented by Oakley. These are truly the ultimate sunglasses for any cricketer, making them arguably the best Oakley sunglasses for cricket.

Best Cricket Sunglasses For Fielding


After playing numerous cricket games, consistently trying and comparing different models of cricket sunglasses, we believe that the Oakley M2 Frame XL are another fantastic Oakley option for playing cricket.

The cleverly designed single-piece performance shield lens uses patented High Definition Optics® (HDO®) technology, which reduces distortion while creating clearer vision. This is great for following a cricket ball that is hit high up into the sky. The wide coverage of the lens ensures that the peripherals are covered from sun-rays of all angles. 

Sunglasses typically fall off the face when the levels of perspiration increases, however this isn’t an issue for these sunglasses. Patented Unobtainium® coats the earsocks and nosepads which increases in grip as perspiration increases. This is great for those situations you find yourself sprinting after the ball. 

Regarding durability, we do not have any concerns about the glasses surviving a fall. In the very unlikely event that the glasses manage to fall off your face, we are more than confident that the O Matter used in the frame will not break. O Matter is typically 25% lighter and two times stronger than normal acetate. With proper care, these glasses could last countless cricket seasons.

If you are an active person, maybe you’re into running, cycling or walking as well as cricket – these sunglasses can be used for these activities too. The design of these sunglasses allow for the use across multiple sports, which we think it fantastic. 

These glasses are designed to allow the user to upgrade different elements such as the lens and nose socks. As an example, if you are not a fan of the HDO lens, you can purchase a polarised or Iridium® lens separately. We would highly recommend these glasses to anyone cricketer who is looking for a high performance pair of sunglasses.


Best Cricket Sunglasses For UV Protection


Another great budget option to consider is the Gray-Nicolls G-Frame Sunglasses. When testing these glasses, we could not fault the performance and high-levels of comfort for the price.

When initially receiving these glasses, the first thing that grabbed our attention was the clean white frame and coloured lens which combined looks fantastic. The lens is built to protect the from UV protection, ensuring the eyes are not exposed to those harmful rays.

When wearing the glasses, we found that the lens successfully reduced glare, which helped us keep an eye on the cricket ball.

The glasses come with a padded case, which will make storing these glasses simple. We stored these alongside the rest of our kit, in our cricket bag. Cloth to clean.

Our only issue with that the lens is not interchangable. Other competitors also offer a range of interchangeable lenses – which feels like better value for money than what the G-FRAME glasses offer.

Overall, these glasses are not only lightweight but offer bags of style as well.


What type of sunglasses cricketers wear?

Professional cricketers wear the very best sunglasses designed specifically for sport. The sunglasses cricketers wear protect the eyes from harmful UV rays, but also support other aspects of their game. Lenses reduce glare which increases the visibility of the ball, whilst strong frames can protect the eyes from any potential impact injuries. Sports sunglasses also grip to the face of a cricketer, ensuring that they stay in place when chasing after a stray ball. The leading brand of sports sunglasses that the very best cricketers wear is Oakley. Other high-quality brands include Adidas and Sunwise. Whilst other non-sports sunglasses are fitted with lenses that protect the eyes from UV rays, they are considered dangerous to wear as they will fall off the face during high-intensity play.

Why do cricketers wear sunglassses?

Cricketers wear sunglasses for a variety of different reasons. Here are some of the reasons:

  • To protect the eyes from harmful UV rays.
  • To reduce the amount the amount of glare which reduces the need to squint. 
  • To protect the eyes from any potential impact injuries. Dangerous fielding positions such as wicket-keeper and silly point have an increased risk of these occurances. 
  • Players that wear prescription glasses can increase their levels of overall visibility.
  • Colour lenses can enhance the colours of a red leather against the green grass, making the ball easier to track. 

What sunglasses do the England cricket team wear?

The sunglasses of choice for the England cricket team is currently the Oakey Radar EV Path (click to see).