The Best Cricket Thigh Pads: The 2021 Guide

While not always essential, a thigh pad can prevent a batsman from obtaining nasty bruises from awkward balls. An ill fitting thigh pad can prove to be uncomfortable and can potentially restrict movement when sprinting between the stumps. It is therefore important for any cricketer opting to sport a thigh pad, wears one that fits perfectly and offers adequate protection.

As thigh pads have become more popular in the modern game, manufacturers have developed thigh protection that is lightweight, durable and comfortable. There are therefore a wide-range of thigh pads that are suitable for different levels of the game. 

To help you figure out which thigh pad is best for you, we have selected 4 high-quality options. We have considered 14 thigh guards and picked out 4 that we think are great in their own individual way.

Best Thigh Pad - Editor's Choice

Masuri E Line Thigh Combo


  • Masuri applied technologies including PRO FOAMS
  • Constructed in-line with the shape and comfort preferred by the highest level of professional players
  • Adjustable upper and lower straps

After the vigorous testing of various thigh pads, in our opinion the Masuri E Line Thigh Combo came out on top. We felt the pads were lightweight, comfortable and offered fantastic protection against the cricket ball. Masuri have taken feedback from professional players in the development of this product and it shows.

The stand-out feature of these thigh pads is the shape and the range of movement they allow. Both the outer and inner thigh pad are pre-moulded into a curve to ensure an excellent fit around both legs. The hip protector has unique splits which move with the batsman, as and when a shot is played. Running with these pads created no issues when testing.

The thigh pad features the strongest and most slimline composition of Ultra Pro Foams. If you are unfamiliar with Masuri products, Pro Foams are a combination of graded foams which combine to provide fantastic contact absorption. We completed our signature mallet test and found that the thigh combo provided fantastic protection from any significant impact.

The slimline silhouette creates an incredibly light weight product. When putting these on the scale, we found these to be over 150 grams lighter than the most expensive GM offering. The lighter product allows for swifter movement in between the stumps. 

Additional features include a removable inner pad, which means you can adapt the thigh combo to your own personal taste. The straps are solid, and ensure that the pads will stay firmly in place. There is also no towelling on the product which ensures sweat can easily be wiped off. 

Overall, we think that you cannot go wrong with the Masuri E Line Thigh Combo. We recommend this for any serious cricketer that wants to ensure they are fully protected at the crease. 

Best Budget Thigh Pad

Gray-Nicolls Test Cricket Thigh Pad


  • Fully adjustable waist strap for a custom fit
  • Three level protection
  • Premium PU Cover
  • Sizes: Youth/Medium

A great lower priced option is the Test Thigh Pad by Gray-Nicolls. If you’re after a cheap thigh guard that will protect you well, this is definitely an option to consider. Available in both an adult and junior size, this is great for anyone on a budget.

When testing this thigh pad we found the fully adjustable waist strap, allowed us to customise the fit – making it tighter or looser depending on personal preference. Premium PU coats the cover of the pad which guarantees durability even after repeated blows from cricket balls.

The thigh pad features three-level protection which gives the impression it will continue to deliver high-quality performance game after game. 

If you are playing to a fairly high standard, we think you should consider a more premium thigh pad. If however, you are new to the sport and don’t want to splash too much cash – this is a fantastic option that will offer great protection.

Best Thigh Pad Under £40

Aero P2 Strippers


  • Outer and inner protection
  • Added hip protection
  • Removable pads

A great option under £40 is the Aero P2 Strippers. For any recreational cricketer that wants a thigh pad that is comfortable and offers a high level of protection, this is definitely a set to pay attention to.

Aero were one of the first companies to bring an outer and inner thigh pad design to the market and the the P2 strippers follow suit. The P2 strippers are designed to withstand balls up to 80mph, so if you are a cricketer playing at the highest standard, you may want to consider the P1 strippers. 

When testing the P2 Strippers, we found them to be very comfortable. The outer thigh pad moulds to the leg, allowing a fantastic range of movement. Thick straps hold the pads firmly in place, which means you can concentrate on your next shot, rather than adjusting your thigh pad. 

Like all Aero products, we found that the material used to create the P2 strippers are of the highest quality. Overall we found the pads to be lightweight, which made running between the stumps an easy task. 

A unique feature is that the pads can be removed from the straps and pouches that hold them in place. This implies that the straps and pouches that usually get coated in sweat, can be put in the washing machine to be cleaned. 

Our only issue with the P2 Strippers is that the inner thigh pad is not removable, so if you want to option to remove the inner pad, this isn’t the product for you. We don’t however see any reason why a cricketer would need to do this. Overall we think these thigh pads are perfect for the cricketer playing at an intermediate level. 

Best Thigh Pad Under £30

Gunn & Moore Original Thigh Pad


  • Professional protection
  • Dual layered High-Density foam
  • Pre-shaped for Comfort with Soft towelling backing
  • Soft elasticated straps with secure “touch” fastening

In certain situations, we think a thigh pad attached to an inner pad can be overkill. Sometimes all that is required is an outer thigh pad to offer protection from tricky bowlers. This is where the Gunn & Moore Original Thigh Pad comes into play. For under £30, this thigh pad takes things back to basics and is a great option for anyone on a budget.

Gunn & Moore have kept things simple with this basic but effective thigh pad. This thigh pad does exactly what you would expect it to. Fitted with dual-layered high-density foam, we found the pad absorbs any impact exceptionally well. The pad is moulded to shape the thigh excellently which ensures no obstructions when running for a quick single.

The pad is locked into place by high-quality soft elastic straps and Velcro. When secured into place, we found that the pad did not move when running between the stumps. We like how you can easily remove the thigh pad, if you no longer feel like using it. 

If you want a thigh pad that offers a higher grade of protection, this thigh pad may not be for you. On the other hand, if you want something cheap that offers great protection in games of a lower standard, this is certainly an option to consider.

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