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Revealing the Most Popular IPL Team in 2023: Fan Favourites Unveiled

By CricketersChoice Editors

As ardent followers of the Indian Premier League (IPL), we’ve witnessed the rise of cricketing superstars and the birth of legendary teams. The IPL isn’t just a cricket league; it’s a platform where talent meets opportunity, transforming the likes of Ravindra Jadeja and Jasprit Bumrah into household names. With ten teams battling it out in 2023, the competition’s as fierce in the stands as it is on the pitch.

But amidst the roar of the crowd and the clash of the titans, one question always sparks debate: which IPL team has the most fans? It’s not just about the numbers; it’s the passion, the loyalty, and the unwavering support that define a team’s fan base. From the whistle podu army to the bold brigade, we’re set to dive into the heart of IPL fandom and reveal which team reigns supreme in 2023.

The Rise of the Indian Premier League (IPL)

The inception of the IPL marked a groundbreaking shift in cricket’s paradigm. Under the stewardship of Lalit Modi, the league burgeoned from a novel concept to a cricketing behemoth. It’s not just about the armor-clad cricketers or the pulsating rhythms of the crowd; the IPL represents a nexus where sport meets entertainment.

Revolutionising the T20 format in India, the league’s flair has transcended boundaries, making it among the most watched T20 leagues worldwide. Teams like the Lucknow Super Giants, though newcomers, have capitalised on the zealous fervor of IPL fans, demonstrating the league’s magnetic pull even on fledgling franchises.

IPL’s contribution to cricket goes beyond the pitch—it’s reshaped the business of sports in India. The staggering INR 7,090 crore deal for the Lucknow franchise stands as a testament to IPL’s colossal stature in the sports industry. The ever-increasing fan base is not solely due to the cricketing glories but also the remarkable experience it provides.

As the league evolved, so did its outreach. Social media platforms have become the coliseum for teams to engage with their fans. The online following is a reflection of a team’s popularity, and we’ve seen newer teams amassing followers rapidly, signalling their growing influence in the cricketing cosmos.

We’ve witnessed the IPL turn into a cherished annual event, eagerly anticipated by fans and players alike. It’s a stage where cricket legends and aspiring talents converge, all sharing the spotlight in a celebration of sportsmanship and unity. This competition isn’t just played on the green fields—it echoes in the hearts of millions who engage with every boundary and wicket.

Other sports leagues marvel at the IPL’s financial muscle and the passion it garners. Its rise isn’t merely a chronicle of cricket; it’s the story of a phenomenon that changed the landscape of sports entertainment.

Cricketing Superstars and Legendary Teams

In the pulsating world of the IPL, cricketing superstars and legendary teams aren’t just part of the game; they are the heart that pumps enthusiasm into the veins of fans. Cricket teams attract followers with an enticing recipe: a blend of title wins, top-class players, and home support. It’s no secret that these elements together forge a strong connection with the cricket-loving audience.

Performance and Discipline: The number of titles a team has clinched often correlates with its popularity. But it’s not just the victories that count; the behaviour and discipline of the players are equally pivotal. Teams free of controversy and full of vigor naturally draw the admiration and loyalty of fans.

Lucknow Super Giants’ Ascent: Take the Lucknow Super Giants, a team quickly carving its niche in the IPL. With players like Nicholas Pooran and Marcus Stoinis, LSG’s rise is a testament to how quickly new teams can capture the imagination and support of fans across the globe.

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Appeal: Then there’s the Royal Challengers Bangalore, a team whose fan base remains undeterred despite their search for a maiden IPL title. The electric atmosphere of RCB’s matches and presence of cricketing maestros such as Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers underscores their unyielding popularity, making them perpetual favourites in the eyes of many.

Chennai Super Kings’ Dominance: At the pinnacle of fan-following, we find the Chennai Super Kings. Their astounding success is underscored by four IPL championship titles. With a fan base that towers above the rest even in 2023, CSK embodies the essence of a legendary team. The iconic leadership of MS Dhoni has been instrumental in their triumphs, showcasing how star power combined with consistent victory shapes a legendary squad.

The IPL: More Than Just a Cricket League

Since its inception in 2008, the IPL has become a phenomenon that transcends the boundaries of a regular sporting event. It’s not just a cricket league; it’s a celebration that brings together the passion of the game and the glitz of entertainment. The IPL has revolutionised the way cricket is played and perceived, having a significant impact on the sport’s global appeal.

In our exploration of IPL’s influence, we’ve observed how it’s reshaped the sports industry. It’s much more than athletes competing; it’s about constructing a brand that resonates with millions. The competitive nature and the compelling narratives that emerge every season ensure that there’s never a dull moment. From witnessing spectacular performances to experiencing heart-thumping finishes, fans are provided with entertainment that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Beyond the cricket pitch, the IPL has a mighty social presence. It’s created a space where fans are not just spectators but active participants in the cricketing saga through social media and fan engagement activities. This interaction builds a community – a family of supporters united by their love for their teams.

The league’s format also encourages local talent, turning them into household names and inspiring upcoming generations to dream big. With cricket aficionados eager to catch a glimpse into their favourite players’ lives, the IPL experience extends beyond the game itself.

The following capture the essence of the IPL’s magnetic draw:

  • Extensive global viewership

  • Fusion of sports and entertainment

  • Contribution to local talent development

  • Strong digital engagement with fans

The question of which team possesses the largest fan base thus becomes part of a broader narrative. It’s not solely about numbers; it’s about the emotional connection, the shared joy and despair, and the sense of belonging that each team inspires in its followers. Unpacking this, we delve deeper into the lives of the teams and their journey to earning the badge of “the team with most fans.” We’ll look at elements like team performance, iconic players, and fan loyalty programs that are central to building a widespread fan base.

The Battle in the Stands: Which Team Has the Most Fans?

Cricket in India isn’t just a sport; it’s an all-consuming passion, and nowhere is this more evident than in the stands of an IPL match. The vibrant spectacle of fans cheering for their favourite teams is a sight to behold. Each team in the league has its own legion of followers, but which one has the most?

RCB’s impassioned supporters are legendary. Our findings, drawn from the experiences of 1,200 fans, indicate a fervent fan base that stands with the team, sharing in their triumphs and tribulations. Their undying loyalty further intensifies the atmosphere at the stadiums, making them a force that reverberates far beyond Bangalore.

Here are some significant insights into the digital fandom across popular social media platforms for a top IPL team:




795K Subscribers


3.2 million


3.2 million

These numbers exemplify the digital stronghold of the IPL and its teams. We understand that the extent of a team’s fan base is multifaceted—reflecting not just in numbers but in passion and participation as well.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that different teams attract fans through a variety of aspects. Victories, charismatic leaders, and the allure of big-name players certainly play their parts. It’s interesting to observe that fans often align themselves with teams that boast a storied history of consistent performances. Discipline and the conduct of the players off the field are also pivotal, shaping public perception.

In the dynamic world of the IPL, the fervour of the fans is a constant. Their vocal backing is a testament to the emotional investment they pour into their teams. It remains clear that the biggest fan bases are shaped by more than just statistics; they’re built on the spirit and energy that the supporters bring to the game, creating a cherished bond with their team.

The Criteria for Measuring Fan Base

When diving into the passionate world of IPL teams and their fans, it’s vital to understand how we measure the extent of a fan base. Assessing fan dedication is multifaceted, and fan involvement plays a crucial role. From our comprehensive analysis involving 1,200 respondents, we’ve outlined the layers that compose the structure of fandom.

Firstly, we notice that an individual simply proclaiming loyalty to a team is the ground level of support. The deeper measure starts with tracking a team’s performance, which signifies the beginning of true commitment. Dedicated fans often keep scores and follow their favourite teams’ progress closely.

Moving up the tiers of fan engagement, we discover that watching matches on television or via digital streams represents a more significant investment of time and passion. Fans in these categories often organize their schedules around match timings to ensure they don’t miss a moment of play.

The bond between a fan and their favoured team also extends into their personal life, with conversations among family and friends often revolving around the latest team developments. Bringing the team into personal interactions is a sign of deep-rooted support.

Purchasing merchandise and attending live matches are the pinnacle of fan involvement, showcasing the fans’ willingness to spend both money and time to support their teams. These behaviours indicate a high level of connection and personal investment in a team’s success.

The strength of social media cannot be overstated. Teams with a strong digital presence resonate with a younger, tech-savvy fan base that thrives on constant updates and online community participation. For instance, with a combined total of followers reaching impressive figures across various platforms:




795K Subscribers


3.2 million


3.2 million

These numbers reflect a groundswell of fans that are engaging in a digital cheer, echoing the sentiments of the stadiums into the cyber realms. As we analysed the digital stronghold IPL teams possess on these platforms, we realized that they are pivotal in galvanizing support and nurturing a sense of unity amongst the supporters.

Unraveling the Passion, Loyalty, and Support of IPL Fandom

The Indian Premier League stirs a passion among fans that is unique in the realm of cricket. Our analysis offers insight into the dynamics that contribute to a team’s ever-growing fan base. Loyalty in sports is a multi-faceted entity, often driven by factors beyond geographical bonds. For instance, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has a striking 42% of its fan base originating outside of Chennai, showcasing the diverse allure that transcends regional loyalty.

Performance is a critical element that impacts a team’s following. Consistent victories and outstanding displays have repeatedly proved to magnetise supporters. When teams go beyond expectations, as various IPL teams have, it doesn’t just secure victories; it wins hearts. Our attention turns to the digital domain, where the IPL’s presence is as formidable as on the pitch. Social media has become a battleground for teams to rally their fans and foster an online community. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram buzz with excitement, providing a platform for fans to engage, react, and align with their chosen franchise.

We’ve seen that social engagement is not only about fleeting interactions; it’s about building a narrative that keeps the fan base captivated. Each tweet, post, and update is a thread in the larger tapestry of IPL fandom. Digital exclusivity in content can create a sense of belonging amongst followers. This year, as teams return to the home and away format, an exciting dynamic can be predicted—a surge in localized support accompanied by the digital fandom’s steady expansion.

The commitment to maintain an active social presence underlines the IPL franchises’ understanding of modern-day fan engagement. In a world saturated with content, keeping fans updated is imperative. From team announcements to health updates, clubs are dedicated to ensuring their fan community stays in the loop.

Every season brings with it new opportunities—for teams to excel, for players to become household names, and for fans to indulge in the sheer joy of cricket. As the saga unfolds, we continually monitor the entrancing world of IPL fandom, eager to see which colours will dominate the stands and digital spheres in 2023.

Reigning Supreme: Which Team Takes the Crown in 2023?

Identifying which IPL team has the most fans in 2023 is a complex task, but recent studies provide us with a clearer picture. We weigh in on the latest fan support metrics and the teams’ on-field performances to reveal the top contenders.

The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) has a history of leaving an indelible mark on fans’ hearts. They’ve managed to snag the title of the most loved team time and again. As the 16th season drew to a close, a study conducted by Rediffusion’s Red Lab highlighted CSK’s dominance in the fan engagement arena, crowning them with the highest levels of fandom.

Taking a step back, we look at the Rajasthan Royals (RR), a team whose beginnings were nothing short of fairy-tale like. Their triumph in the inaugural IPL season captured imaginations across the cricketing landscape. However, with only three playoff qualifications since then, their fan base has waltzed through highs and lows. The previous season’s finale saw RR under the spotlight again, although with a different outcome. Despite not clinching the title, they retained a strong core, signalling their intent to fans for the current season.

Meanwhile, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore were not far behind with MI taking the runner-up spot and RCB trailing at third in the fandom race. The loyal support for RCB remains undeterred, irrespective of their distance from the top spot when it comes to fan count.

Here is a quick snapshot of the fan base rankings at the end of the 16th season:




Chennai Super Kings


Mumbai Indians


Royal Challengers Bangalore

We cannot disregard the social and emotional connections that these rankings represent. Teams aren’t just cricket-playing entities; they’re woven into the very fabric of their supporters’ lives. With the dynamic nature of the IPL, the current season offers a platform for teams like RR to potentially rise and challenge CSK’s reign. Mumbai Indians and RCB also have the opportunity to strengthen their positions and cultivate an ever-growing fan base.


We’ve journeyed through the electric atmosphere of the IPL, witnessing the Chennai Super Kings rise to the pinnacle of fandom. Their loyal supporters, coupled with the enthusiastic followings of the Mumbai Indians and Royal Challengers Bangalore, showcase the league’s ability to foster deep connections with cricket enthusiasts. As we gear up for the next season, it’s clear that the teams have more than just trophies to play for; they’re vying for the hearts of millions. With each match, they have the chance to bolster their fan armies and redefine the landscape of cricket fandom. Let’s embrace the thrill of the game and cheer on as the saga of IPL fandom continues to unfold.